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The expectations of buyers are rising: a new piece of furniture should enrich life, make it more beautiful, more sensual and more comfortable. Hettich demonstrates just how easily each piece of living room and kitchen furniture can be equipped with these attributes. Design to fall in love with, impressive convenience and unimagined storage options or simple fascin[action] – impress with solutions.


Push to open Silent: ein leichter Druck auf die Front öffnet und schließt grifflose Schubkästen elegant und zuverlässig. Foto: Hettich

Handleless perfection
Hettich turns purist design into a unique experience. As if by magic, handleless drawers, revolving and sliding doors move. Whether in the comfortable operation, the soft, quiet closing or the ease of movement – Hettich sets standards with its solutions:

Push to open Silent brings handleless drawers and hinged doors in motion with elegance and with the utmost precision. The principle: incredibly easy opening followed by silent and soft closing. A light press on the front of a drawer is sufficient to reliably activate the opening mechanism. With optional synchronization, even a light press on the extremities of large front panels will ensure that the mechanism activates. The closing highlight: Even with just a light push, the closing process operates seamlessly and the drawer is prevented from reopening unintentionally. Push to open Silent for hinged doors can be added to any cabinet body and is suitable for all conventional cabinet body constructions.

Quadro synchronized with Push to open is an outstanding solution for equipping wooden drawers and the InnoTech Atira drawer system with large format, handleless design and with convenient operation, especially when the furniture includes exceptionally wide panels that connect several drawers. The synchronization system connects all runners and activates them simultaneously, even across centre panels or cabinet body sides. Particularly easy to install: The synchronization rod with pressed on adapters is simply clipped into place and can be cut to length to suit any body width. Connecting pieces reduce the waste to a minimum. This is an effective way of combining on-trend handleless, large format furniture design with practical convenience. The Quadro full extension runners are factory configured for installation of the synchronization system.

SlideLine M is a sliding door fitting that can be integrated discreetly into the furniture design, but which guarantees astounding convenience – including new design ideas. Whether 1-track overlay or 2-track inset, the sliding doors glide gently and perfectly cushioned in the opening and closing directions. This is ensured by the Silent System integrated unobtrusively into the running component. If several drawers run in one profile, a soft colliding element also comes into play. SlideLine M is the ideal choice for all conventional furniture designs and doors made of wood, glass or aluminium weighing up to 66 lbs, depending on the application. A key benefit: The system is mounted efficiently directly onto the assembled body.

Opening up storage space
Most furniture includes storage space, but not a great deal of convenience in use. Hettich provides solutions to the issues of poor visibility and accessibility which feature a high level of convenience and which reanimate storage space. This adds an unprecedented attractiveness to storage space and arouses enthusiastic interest.

The WingLine L folding sliding door system makes space utilisation a very strong selling point. Wherever storage space was previously unused due to the lack of a simple solution, WingLine L ensures more space in the room. Whether in wardrobes, in recesses and sloping roof, under the stairs or in the top mounted kitchen unit: folding sliding doors can be used in a variety of applications, including application convenience for furniture with or without handles. The new Push/Pull to Move opening mechanism adds additional value to wardrobes. The doors are opened simultaneously with a panorama effect, thus exposing the entire storage space to stunning effect. At the same time, WingLine L enables design freedom, such that increasing space is given a new creative component.



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