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Hettich bundles its marketing and sales activities in Vlotho and expands its management team

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Peter Kuppen began his career in the Hettich Group on 01.10.1986 as Assistant to the Management Board. In 1989 he became Head of Product Management, in 1998 he took over Sales Management of the Fittings for Office Furniture division. In 1999 he became Managing Director of Hettich Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG for this area and has also been responsible for white goods since 2007. In the course of concentrating marketing and sales activities and merging the sales companies, he joined Eckhard Breitenkamp (retired since 05/2018), Bernd Große-Dunker, Uwe Kreidel and Philipp Rode at the beginning of 2017 to form the management of Hettich Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG in Vlotho. Under Mr. Kuppen's leadership, Hettich developed into the global market leader in the Office Systems and White Goods segments. Uwe Kreidel has now taken over these business areas in addition to his previous responsibilities.

Catherine Courcel has been with the Hettich Group since January 2001. Until 2008, the Frenchborn Catherine Courcel was Managing Director of the subsidiary Hettich France, south of Paris, before moving to Kirchlengern in October 2008 as Group Process Manager at the headquarters of the Hettich Group. She was appointed Director International Business in October 2010 before becoming Regional Director of the newly installed organisational structure in June 2013. In her new role, she continues being responsible for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Great Britain and Turkey. With her appointment as an additional Managing Director, the bundling of marketing and sales activities at the Vlotho location has now been consistently completed. The business areas of the other managing directors of Hettich Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG remain unaffected by this expansion of management.


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