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The Office Alternative

Gone are the days of the once typical sterile office settings. As many companies are now offering more flexible working hours and more work-from-home opportunities, we are seeing added incorporation of cozy elements in the work place. These solutions offer a welcoming space for both employees and customers and maintain a professional look with relaxed and organic touches. The daily use of technology coupled with raw and natural detail creates a calm balance in previously hectic environments. Desks incorporate more personal storage spaces and easy conversion from sitting to standing height. Wood grains with strong contrast pores in ash and espresso tones add a handcrafted sensibility to traditionally ambient looks.

Sentimental Future

The current climate of social, political, and environmental consciousness is compelling consumers to look to both the past and the future for the inspiration of their work spaces. In a world where lifestyle has become a matter of personal branding, consumers are questioning the sustainability of their goods while longing for a sense of personal identity and nostalgia. Major nods to the 1970’s emerge with a color palette of soft pink, terracotta orange, sage, mustard yellow and dusty blue in textiles, accessories, and surfaces. Paired with high contrast linear wood structures, these combinations give a futuristic pop to modern office decor. The combinations are upbeat and smart, portraying a sense of optimism and thoughtful curation. Furniture shapes are comprised of strong rectangles and soft circular silhouettes adding to an already eclectic mood.

Classic Materials

Woodgrains are still the front runner in surface popularity second only to matte unicolors. A shift in the importance of exclusivity has intensified the available combinations leaving the consumer with a more diverse offering. Texture is playing a larger role, urging the user to feel the surface and take a deeper look.

What do you think?

The trends observed at NeoCon continue to confirm the trend topics established by Schattdecor in the Decor Selection 2018. Take a look for yourself to see how we translate these concepts in our colors, finishes, and decors. 

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