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Formica Corporation’s 2022 Living Impressions Collection Makes a Statement with Versatile New Designs

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Formica Corporation announces the launch of its 2022 Living Impressions™ Collection with organic patterns, modern marbles and a trove of sophisticated surfaces for elevated interiors. Influenced by extensive home and design research, the launch adds 14 versatile surfaces to the brand’s renowned repertoire with five new 180fx® patterns, nine new Formica® Laminate designs and one new texture.

Formica Corporation uncovered three leading design trends in its research that inspired the offerings in this new residential collection:

Light and White: Homeowners continue to gravitate to light and white spaces for a sense of serenity and calm, but with new nuances such as translucent elements.

Rustic Luxury: This trend evokes a sense of warmth and ease with casual design elements that feature natural texture such as wood grains or metals that develop a patina over time.

New Classic: Blending classical and new design, this eclectic trend has broad appeal and fits many design tastes with practical, simpleand accessible palettes and materials with just a hint of drama. This often comes to life in clean, white backgrounds with dramatic veining or bold, aged metals.

“Our homeshave become so much morethan just living space,” said Gerri Chmiel, residential design lead at Formica Corporation. “Homeowners are craving simple, minimal spaces that bring them peace and calm,but they also don’t want their homesto feel austere. We’re seeing them seek out materials with natural textures like patina that feel clean while making a statement. And perhaps most importantly, these surfaces need to be maintenance-free and stand up to the rigors of everyday life and multipurpose use. This juxtaposition is something that Formica® Brand products are uniquely suited to answer and these insights strongly influenced our latest collection.”

New 180fx® by Formica Group designs

The revolutionary surface line that offers true-to-scale granite, stone and woodgrain patterns with visual drama expands with five new designs that highlight handcrafted artwork, softwhite marbles, elaborate veining and more.

White Alabaster: Icy whiteveins create a webbed network over a soft off-white background to give the illusion of translucency.

Manhattan Marble: Dramatic taupe and warm gray veins traverse diagonally across this milky white Calacatta marble design while blushes of blue-gray add elegance.

Mediterranean Marble: Thislarge-scale pattern brings sweeping movement with a stone that features a light white background with gray and neutral beige veins.

Woodland Marble: Reminiscent of a woodgrain, this vein-cut marble design features bold organic stripes in warm shades of brown.

Marbled Gray: Formica Corporation partnered with artist Kathleen Streitenberger a second time to take marble in a new direction. This pattern incorporates new painted effects formed by dripping, swirling and glazing shades of gray paint. Streitenberger created the artwork for the Watercolor Series in the brand’s 2020 Living Impressions™ Collection.

New Formica® Laminate designs

The 2022 Living Impressions™ Collection adds nine new sophisticated Formica® Laminate surfaces that reflect natural materials such as wood and metal while being durable, cost-effective and easier to install and care for than their real counterparts.

PatineSeries: Universally appreciated, patinas signify the ability of a surface to withstand time while adding character and history.

  • Patine Concrete: Features a light gray background with gray mottling effects and a porous visual texture. Though man-made, concrete is created from natural materials with an aging process that creates dynamic color effects.
  • Patine Bronze: Gold, copper, brown and khaki green are blended to create this elegantly mottled design.

Burnished Series: Developed to emulate soft metals that have been mechanically burnished to appear rich in luster.

  • Burnished Coin: Copper, green and gray are fused to create the colors of a burnished copper penny.
  • Burnished Iron: Features a combination of blue-black, rust and gray to emulatethe look of elegant aged iron.

White Pearl Cascade: This innovative design features white pearl pigments that are appliedduring the traditional paper-making process. When paired with the new Monolith texture, this contemporary pattern has a subtle sparkle with shimmery ribbons.

Sugar Glass: Inspired by the beauty of experimental glass-making, this ethereal pattern is designed to reflect a translucent blue-gray glass floatingin a white sheet of opaque glass.

Smoke Onyx: This glamourous pattern makes a dramatic impact with its translucent and rich appearance that blends a multitude of colors into a sophisticated smoky gray palette.

Slate Noir: Rich in texture, this stone’s unique characteris enhanced with blacks and grays that blend together to provide a monochromatic contemporary look.

Walnut Butcherblock: This luxurious butcher block design was created in the popular edge-grain fashionand is constructed with long bonded strips of walnutso each strip runs the full length of a countertop with no end grain seams.

New texture

The 2022 Living Impressions™ collection includes one new texture to enhance these new surface designs and several others within Formica Corporation’s existing portfolio.

Monolith (ML): Offers an authentic stone feel combined with a matte visual. This texture is unique because it features a large-scale flowing pattern with no repetitionin a sheet of laminate.

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