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Feel the surface! Output of Hymmen-Technologies to catch hold of.

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Bielefeld, June 6th 2017 – Hymmen is looking back to a great Ligna 2017 – although there is some critics about the organization of the fair.

Over all Hymmen was very satisfied with the contacts (more than 220 qualified fair reports) from the Ligna fair 2017. Especially as they already lead to some concrete projects.  Concerning the booth architecture F28 in hall 26, Hymmen succeeded with the new concept of no longer showing any machines in life-production but concentrating on communication and come-together, supported by multi-media presentations.

Compared to the old hall 27 in which Hymmen used to exhibit in the former fairs, the location of the booth was a step backward. The direct access to the parking area was missing, so that there was no easy “passing by” our booth any more. All companies exhibiting in hall 26 felt the missing visitors especially on Thursday and Friday, when there were nearly no visitors in the hall 26 any more. It was a bit annoying for those companies, as they had no choice: They had to move from 27 to 26.

No matter of the disappointment concerning the booth location Hymmen could thrill the customers with the innovative technologies, trends and developments: Either the mirror-gloss technology for Double Belt Presses, the Calander Coating Inert (CCI), the Industrial Digital Printing Line for edge banding material up to 3 mm or the Digital Lacquer Embossing. All these technologies enable the customer in alternative processes to let the haptics fit to the optics of any surface. Absolutely close to nature.

Hymmen is specialized in building machines and lines – that is what everyone knows at the fair. That is why this time Hymmen did not focus on showing big pictures of the technology but of what these achieve. On the great poster at the back wall of the booth a lady´s fingers touch a nice surface with wooden structure. That is what the visitors at the Hymmen booth could do: Feeling the surface of the flooring, the walls, the tabletops and the furniture. The surfaces passed the test easily. This experience was supported by multi-media tools that gave information on all technical details of Hymmen technology.


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