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International Design Award 2018 gets underway


Under the "Fascin[action] – Fascinated by solutions" banner, preparations are in full swing for one of the world's biggest design awards for students: the International Design Award 2018 which looks for innovative ideas and visions in the fields of furniture design and furniture making. The International Design Award is organised by two leading companies from the supplier industry, Hettich and Rehau.

“What’s your Fascin[action]?” Students from across the globe are invited to design trendy and innovative solutions on the subject of "Smart Furniture". For a world that's becoming increasingly mobile and digital. With the result that home living and working are changing and space is becoming more and more precious. This is why furniture needs an update. The "International Design Award 2018" is seeking innovative solutions for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and workplace, for hotels or shops. This is the students' brief: "Discover new design worlds, create additional storage space, provide convenient, user-friendly functions, make change the underlying principle." The award focus is being placed on ideas for furniture that can do more and excite with solutions that impress. The organisers are wanting to find unconventional thinkers and planners for the consumers of tomorrow.

The award competition is open to students who are enrolled at a university and have a creative study focus. This includes product design, architecture, interior design, art and wood technology. Product ideas can be entered by individuals as well as by groups.

Designs will be submitted electronically through the website. This will include a detailed description in English, material additionally explaining the product (computer model, drawings etc.), images in PNG/GIF/JPG/JPEG format not exceeding 5 MB in size and a presentation poster. Important: The closing date for submitting entries is 28 February 2018.

For the jury, this then means finding the best contenders. Made up of Dr. Andreas Hettich and Andreas Albig, the jury will choose the ten most attractive designs in March 2018. The three award winners will be selected by public vote from the top 10 who will be announced on the International Design Award's website. The three best designs will be revealed in May 2018. The winners of the "International Design Award 2018" can look forward to attractive prize money, a "smart furniture" workshop and international PR for their own reputation.

The competition invites students from across the globe to design trendy, innovative and unusual solutions in the domain of furniture design and furniture making. Since 1997, more than 8,000 applications have been received from over 80 countries. The competition remit is based on the demands and requirements of furniture manufacturers. The award is organised by Hettich and Rehau.


EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) marks its 30th anniversary this year and has emerged as the voice of the laminate flooring industry in Europe and beyond. "In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable progress EPLF has made over the years," said Max

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