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Experience Stiles’ Advanced Solid Wood Processing Solutions at AWFS 2017

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Grand Rapids, MI, June 30, 2017 –Stiles Machinery Inc. is gearing up for this year’s AWFS show in Las Vegas, and as the industry-leading provider of solid wood processing equipment, they will be featuring some of the latest advancements in solid wood technology. Whether you’re looking to rip, cut, plane, mold, sand, finish, or simply improve the overall process and efficiency of your operations, Stiles invites you to experience your solution in booth #7411 this July 19th-22nd, at AWFS in Las Vegas.

Guests in Stiles’ booth will experience a multitude of solutions in architectural millwork including the newest member of their impressive line of solid wood machinery, the SALVADOR SuperPush 200 Optimizing Cross Cut Saw. The SuperPush 200 is the result of over 30 years of innovation and technological advances in woodworking. This heavy-duty, simple-to-use machine is helping manufacturers worldwide achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

The SALVADOR SuperPush 200 will be featured during Stiles’ live work cell demonstrations for entry door components. Other machines working together with the SuperPush 200 will include the CML E350 2R Moving Blade Rip Saw, equipped with CML’s patented design in a more compact, affordable solution; VERTONGEN’s Pentho C4 Performance Tenoner, a powerful all-in-one solution for manufacturing entry doors, windows, cabinet doors, or simply adding a profile to any workpiece; and the KENTWOOD M609HD Moulder, designed to meet the requirements and challenges of the high-volume, industrial producer. Each of these state-of-the-art machines demonstrates new innovations in solid wood processing designed to produce higher quality products, in less time and with minimal effort.

Additional solid wood technologies on display in Stiles’ booth include IRONWOOD’s P600 Thickness Planer and SLR 305 Straight Line Rip Saw designed to meet low to moderate production volume needs with absolute accuracy, trusted durability, and advanced technology that has come to be expected with the IRONWOOD name.
For more information about any of the featured technologies or to receive a complimentary show registration to AWFS, visit and come experience your solution in booth #7411. See you in Las Vegas!


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