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The flexibility of the internal production model of Cleaf allows for continuous experimentation transferring striking tactile and visual sensations to coating surfaces.

An increasing number of textures that create an advanced system of products, confirmed by the architects and companies that choose it to build inspirational spaces for living and working.
The latest textures are Fronda, Ovatta and Réna.

FRONDA reproduces the elm wood, a plant widespread in the Italian countryside until the middle of the 20th century. Its luxuriance is glorified by the Latin poet Virgilio in the Bucoliche. The grains are similar to those of oak but the color of the essence is brighter;
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OVATTA reproduces the uniformity and softness to the touch of the wadding obtained by mixing cotton cuttings and used in tailoring and tapestry for the upholstery of clothes, sofas and, subject to aseptic treatment, in healthcare;
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RÉNA is the horizontal version of the Sablè texture. Born to meet the needs of door coverings it’s perfect for furniture and interior as well. Its brushed effect is typical of handcrafted wood essences.
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