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Dackor, a manufacturer and distributor of continuous surface solutions for a wide variety of markets including kitchen & bath, healthcare, retail, office, sign, wall, home and refurbishment, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023.

With global supply issues and Dackor’s huge North American inventory, the company is poised to become the go-to provider of continuous 2D laminates for flat and profiles and 3D Laminate thermofoils for membrane vacuum pressing.

In addition, Dackor produces their laminates to match TFL, MDF, edge-banding and our surfaces are offered laminated to HPL, board, plastics or peel-and-stick-backed. The ultimate goal is to offer “the complete surfacing solution,” say company officials.

Our materials can typically be found within 10 miles from you no matter where you are in North America. In addition, Dackor supplies projects and customers around the world.

​Dackor boasts one of the largest 3D laminate stock inventories in the world, backed by a customer service and sales team ready to meet your projects’ deadlines, shipping daily to manufacturers of components, kitchens, closets, store fixtures, recreational vehicle tops , healthcare furniture, and wall cladding. The company is committed to delivering its products on time, with more than 99% of Dackor orders successfully shipped within three business days after ordering.

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