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Custom Paint Colors Faster Than Ever!
Until now the process of getting a custom paint match for our customers has been a time consuming task that has taken upwards of 2 – 3 weeks and left us with extra inventory that lands up becoming waste. In our efforts to become more efficient and improve our services, we have recently added new equipment to our company that will make the process of custom color matching faster and more accurate than ever. By having the ability to mix paint colors on site, we are able to reduce wait times for our customers and improve the accuracy of our matching. 

We recently added the X-Pert Gravity Dispense System which is an innovative tool designed by a team of engineers, programmers, and industry experts, specifically to help today’s pouring specialists complete accurate paint pours every time! This machine is the next generation of paint dispensing technology that represents an evolutionary step in achieving accurate color matches compared with existing technology. The X-Pert NextGen Technology agitation and dispensing system addresses all the primary sources of color match errors leading to lost productivity and additional paint and material costs.

There are three key components to this machine that made it a valuable addition to our company which in turn will benefit our customers. The main component of course being the machine itself which can accurately mix volumes as high as 5 gallons or as small as one cup, making it possible to mix your custom color for a sample door and get it out to you much quicker. Getting your custom color match sample now takes days vs weeks. 

The second key features is the integrated software that includes a pre-programmed database containing over 80,000 paint matches from most of the major house paint colors like Benjamin Moor, Behr, etc. This database is updated monthly, so it continues to grow as new colors are introduced. This make it easier than ever for you or your customers to pick a color from a local hardware store and get an accurate sample quickly or even put through an order with the confidence that it will arrive the right color. This software ensures that all formulas are 100% accurate and up to date. 

Lastly, we added an integrated spectrometer that can look at any flat object and determine the exact formula for that color. We keep a full range of pigments on site at all times so any color is possible. Pigments are dispensed mechanically and measured by weight, so there is no human error possible. Whether you want the latest hot new color trending or a match for your favorite pair of shoes, we are able to get you a sample faster than ever before. Once you have requested a color match and it has been approved, the formula is kept and cataloged for future reference, but is not made public. So the next time you need a custom paint color match, you can have confidence we will match it quickly and accurately. 


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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