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Con-Vey Partners with Hood Industries on State-of-the-Art Plywood Finishing Line

Con-Vey announces its collaboration with Hood Industries on the development of a cutting-edge Plywood Finishing Line to be located at Hood's new Beaumont, Mississippi, facility.

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Con-Vey, a leading provider of innovative automation and material handling solutions, is proud to announce its collaboration with Hood Industries on the development of a cutting-edge Plywood Finishing Line. The project, located at Hood's new Beaumont, Mississippi, facility, marks a significant step forward in the reconstruction efforts following the devastating tornado that destroyed the previous mill in 2022.

Scheduled for commissioning in the fourth quarter of this year, the Plywood Finishing Line project underscores Con-Vey's commitment to delivering high-quality, tailored solutions to its clients. Jeremy Goebel, Vice President of Con-Vey, expressed enthusiasm about the progress of the project, stating, "Our team has been diligently working on the engineering of the equipment, and we are pleased with the progress that we are making, with several pieces already in the manufacturing phase. However, there is still a long way to go. During this process, we will strive to ensure that we provide excellent service and support to the Hood team."

Jay Galloway, President of Hood, shared his optimism about the collaboration, highlighting the positive communication and contributions from Con-Vey. "We are working to rebuild our plywood facility in Beaumont, Mississippi. Con-Vey is a key part of the project, and we are excited to have them on our team. They have brought insight and ideas to the project I am confident will make this project a success."

The partnership between Con-Vey and Hood Industries signifies a commitment to innovation, resilience, and community revitalization. By leveraging Con-Vey's expertise in material handling solutions and Hood Industries' dedication to quality craftsmanship, the Plywood Finishing Line aims to not only rebuild but also enhance operations for greater efficiency and sustainability.

As the project progresses, Con-Vey and Hood Industries remain dedicated to maintaining open communication, fostering collaboration, and delivering exceptional results. Together, they look forward to the successful completion of the Plywood Finishing Line and the continued growth and prosperity of the Beaumont community.

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