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Colorful, Graphic and Versatile Laminate Patterns Lead Wilsonart’s New Material Mixology Collection

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TEMPLE, TX (November 27, 2017) – Demand for staying ahead of new trends and creating highly visual, memorable and social media-worthy spaces drives endless change in the commercial industry. No sooner are design and build projects completed, when concepting for new or remodel projects starts to brew. Creating 27 new laminate patterns to fuel creative juices and inspire designer’s imaginations to run wild, Wilsonart’s Material Mixology Collection is specially curated to support continued growth and renovation opportunities in commercial environments with patterns that are bursting with character through color, graphics and amazing durability.

“The patterns in this collection provide designers with solutions that can help them set their spaces apart,” said Andrea Flint, Senior Designer at Wilsonart. “These out-of-the-box laminates beautifully capture the diverse commercial market and dramatically extend design palettes.”

The new collection reflects various themes:

Graphic Wood: This is a unique spin on wood design, introducing the look of painted, overlapping geometric shapes.

  • Stockholm Mod (Y0577K-16) – a large-scale graphic wood where the raw wood pairs with overlapping whites and greys creating a Scandinavian feel
  • London Mod (Y0578K-16)) – a graphic wood pattern with large painted overlapping geometric shapes. The grey wood has a white graining paired with tonal greys
  • Berlin Mod (Y0579K-16) – a large-scale graphic wood pattern with aged wood pairs with overlapping painted geometric shapes in whites and greys

Marquetry: Marquetry is clean, modern, straight-grained wood designs pieced together to form new patterns.

  • Sable Line (Y0515-60) – a linear woodgrain in taupe with black grain running throughout
  • Sable Marquetry (Y0518-60) – a coordinated, large-scale pieced pattern with taupe and black straight graining
  • Tawney Line (Y0516-60) – a warm mid-tone straight-grained brown wood with black graining running throughout
  • Tawney Marquetry (Y0519-60) – a warm mid-tone, large-scale brown wood with a pieced pattern that coordinates with Tawney Line

Olive Wood: These patterns range from cool greys to warm browns and are full of visual interest.

  • Recon Olive (Y0568K-16) – a large-scale wood full of unique color play and movement, and made up of reds, browns and blacks
  • Polished Olive (Y0569K-16) – a monochromatic pale grey and white wood pattern with large-scale design full of movement and visual interest
  • Silver Olive (Y0571K-16) – a large-scale mid-toned grey monochromatic wood design featuring movement and visual interest
  • Gunmetal Olive (Y0572K-16) – a large-scale wood design rendered in monochromatic charcoal with movement and unique characteristics
  • Sun Bleached Olive (Y0573K-16) – a light tan monochromatic large-scale wood design full of movement and visual interest
  • Weathered Olive (Y0574K-16) – a large-scale medium brown wood design full of movement and features, with dark and light browns throughout
  • Mocha Olive (Y0575K-16) – a large-scale dark brown monochromatic wood design in a unique figured pattern

Planked Wood: These sophisticated walnut wood designs add rich characteristics to spaces.

  • Small Planked California Walnut (Y0566K-12) – a dark brown with charcoal graining with beautiful colorations of deep brown and chocolates and pairs well with Planked California Walnut (Y0465K-12)
  • Small Planked Texas Walnut (Y0567K-12) – a red brown and charcoal design whereby its beauty is showcased within the small planks made up of light and dark variations, pairing well with Planked Texas Walnut (Y0466K-12)

Graphic: These designs on their own or in woods are great options for bold focal points or accenting.

  • Chilly Aqua (Y0502-60) – a mid-tone dusky blue abstract design with small organic grids
  • Twilight (Y0503-60) – a light dusky blue optical solid pattern with a small organic grid
  • Night (Y0504-60) – an abstracted organic grid pattern in a charcoal grey optical solid
  • Hematite (Y0505-60) – a grey abstract with an organic grid pattern
  • Silvermist (Y0506-60) – a beautiful warm white abstract with an organic grid pattern
  • Tweedish Pewter (Y0512-38) – a grey-on-grey abstracted tweed textile pattern
  • Tweedish Indigo (Y0514-38) – a deep blue indigo-on-indigo abstract tweed pattern
  • Vintage Chevron (Y0576K-28) – a large-scale distressed silver-colored pattern that radiates nostalgic glamour
  • Lush Bermuda (Y0581-60) – a large tropical botanical in muted blues, greens and greys with a soft blush textile background inspired by the beaches in Bermuda
  • Maui Falls (Y0583K-28) – a linear abstract pattern with small-scale overlapping transparent rectangles, a wash of bright blue, and white and grey intermixed
  • Bali Falls (Y0587K-28) – a linear abstract pattern in warm greys and browns with overlapping transparent rectangles

The Material Mixology Collection is now available online as part of the Wilsonart® Virtual Design Library, an evolving, curated collection of laminates available in just 2-3 weeks from order.


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