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The Kirsche connection is a sublime melding of modern, on-trend luxury with lasting elegance.  Connecting the character of refined wood to modern surface technology, Kirsche is a hit with designers, fabricators and customers. 

Hailing from the Mezzo Cherry species in our Legno Collection, Kirsche creates a clean, fresh look with welcoming color tones, a smattering of knot holes, curvy cathedrals and a planked aesthetic.  It's deep texture and durability will impress!  Mezzo Cherry texture is also available in Serotina, L33 and Jasper, L34. 

The StevensWood Legno Collection is a complete line, available with matched edgebanding, 3-dimensional vinyl, high-impact surfacing, mouldings, drawers and doors.  Legno boasts five grain textures: Walnut Pittoni, Mezzo Cherry, Trento Oak, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo.  These distinctive woodgrain textures range from rugged Trento Oak to the uptown Tokaj Alder and a wide array in between.  Our Legno Collection textures are UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified



EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER set a goal to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the future, committing to Net Zero by 2050 and reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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