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Chemetal Introduces Transparency for Thicker Aluminum Panels

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Chemetal introduces vibrant new laser cut metal designs that make spaces more layered and interesting. Created on thicker aluminum panels, Transparency features nine new designs on eight colors plus an optional frame system that makes it easy to install in many interior and exterior spaces.

The design standards. Plus custom

Biomorphic, mid century, futuristic and classic perforated patterns abound. They were developed by Chemetal’s design team, an in-house group of graphic designers, fabricators, creatives and CAD experts, after Chemetal took a technological leap and installed a new large bed fiber laser last year. “We prototyped many iterations to see what this fantastic metal cutting tool could do,” says Geoff Schaefer, Chemetal Creative Director and President, “but when it came down to it, the calming beauty of pattern always persevered.”

Transparency’s standard designs are the jumping off point that showcase Chemetal’s manufacturing capability. The company currently works on projects that include resizing and reshaping existing designs, as well as creating metal designs to fit client supplied architectural renderings and plans.

So beautiful you’ll want to frame it

You can. Transparency has an optional framing system that fits 4’ x 8’ panels. The frame is ideal as a freestanding room divider (with optional legs) as well as affixing to walls and positioning atop half walls, hanging in design spaces, and more.  Standard color is white, custom size and color options. “It’s a panel, it’s a system, it’s a great way to easily bring fun, colorful, see through metal panels to interior spaces, says Schaefer.

A company thick with metal history

A second generation family-owned company that’s been in business for over 50 years, Chemetal has decades of experience brushing, aging and adding patina to decorative metals. The company does this with a manufacturing consistency, sheet after sheet.

In 2021, Chemetal brought its metal knowledge to thicker aluminum panels with Surface Mode, metal designs on thicker aluminum. Surface Mode initially focused on creating CNC cut patterns on Chemetal’s popular blackened metals.

“Design professionals have come to know Chemetal for its massive collection of metal designs and laminates. With Surface Mode, we pushed our metal expertise,” says Chemetal Creative Director and President Geoff Schaefer. “We loved the idea of using thicker aluminum that, because it has no backer, can be more easily repurposed, reused or recycled, says Schaefer.

Transparency takes it a step further. The newest addition to Chemetal’s Surface Mode, Transparency features vibrant “of the moment” colors like Seafoam and Saffron as well as black, white and clear brushed standards.

The coating

Transparency panels are powder coated with an interior/exterior grade powdercoat. Powdercoat is a non-toxic, inert coating that produces minimal VOCs, especially compared to spray coating. Also, powdercoat can be more easily reclaimed and disposed, in comparison to solvent-based finishes.


Chemetal is dedicated to providing designers with sustainable materials, as well as information about them, to help create greener buildings. Metal designs and laminates from Chemetal are part of the mindful MATERIALS library which allows Chemetal to share product transparency information in an organized format. Chemetal materials contribute to LEED in several areas and many are part of Red List Free, with HPDs (Health Product Declarations) available.

The company also supplies a significant percentage of its energy needs with a large 1000 panels, 400 kilowatt solar array on the roof of its 70,000 square-foot facility in Western Massachusetts.

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