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Check out some design suggestions for your First Place from Schattdecor

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First Place refers to your
own home. It is the place where you can take a step back from the world and
enjoy your private and personal life. New, creative solutions are being explored in cities as a response to housing shortages and steadily increasing real
estate prices, including smaller living situations
like row homes, condos,
or flats. And these living circumstances affect a
variety of age groups, from younger people just starting out in their first homes to
older generations looking
to downsize.
One of the keys to these
new design solutions for
the First Place is to
eliminate distractions. Purposeful details,
including creative and compelling storage, are essential for smaller or potential co-living spaces. Natural wood tones
dominate the cozy style
but darker accents can
be incorporated because
they create interest instead
of taking over the space.
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Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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