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IMOLA. 2017, 19th October. At Cefla Live 2017, from 18 to 20 October at LAB, in via Bicocca in Imola, Cefla Finishing has presented its leading technologies, including exclusive new items in the field of painting, in which Cefla confirms to have the most complete range of sprayers and robots on the market today.

As for edge painting, the market demands call for the reduction or definitive elimination of manual sanding, usually required on vertical edges before the application of spray finishing. Cefla Finishing has responded to this demand with Smartedge, the complete machine for painting and sanding the edges of straight and shaped panels. The new vacuum body for the application of paint is installed on a floating carriage with a pneumatic edge-copying system which allows for an optimum application of paint and considerable savings with respect to the previous version, while also ensuring ease of use, a smaller size and colour changes in just 15 minutes. One highlight is the new patented Whizz Head, which is a vacuum application head that carries out a quick profile change: a true revolution that allows the change of edge shapes in about 10 seconds and edge thickness in 15 seconds, all without having to turn the machine off.

Another important confirmation of this ninth edition of Cefla Live was Smartclean 4.0. This roller cleaning system for panels that will then be sent to finishing presents considerable advantages with respect to the more traditional brush systems: it offers better cleaning performance, lacks presser rollers that may dirty the panel on output, eliminates electrostatic charges from the panels and can process panels of any size. The polyurethane gel roller completely adheres to panels, even uncalibrated ones, and thanks to the right amount of pressure is long-lasting, thereby reducing management costs.

As for fixtures, three new items will be presented at Ligna. The first is cVision, a 3D vision system for workpieces of up to 3 vertical meters that can very precisely see parts which are difficult to detect such as protrusions and grooves, sending all the necessary information to the anthropomorphic robot iGiotto for delicate and homogeneous application. Another new item is iLoad, which is an automatic system for loading and unloading fixtures from an overhead line to carriages, and vice versa, without stopping the line and without requiring the presence of an operator. The new product proposal finishes off with iFlow, a water-soluble product application system with numerous benefits starting from the reduction of product used to a minimum, along with the considerable reduction in foaming. iFlow does not require a reservoir and is equipped with an automatic system for adding product, a stainless steel tank lined with teflon and side walls that can be inspected.