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Huge satisfaction expressed by Cefla Finishing following the 3-day event which brought more or
less 300 enterprises together under one roof, at the extensive R&D Laboratory at company HQ in
IMOLA. The seventh edition of Cefla Live, which took place at Cefla Finishing headquarters in
Imola between 12 and 14 October, has come to an end with an excellent result. At the close of the
third day, the number of registered visitors from around the globe reached 1200, on behalf of
approximately 300 companies representing the finishing and surface enhancement sector, from
wood to plastics, through glass, fibre cement and on to metallic surfaces. Cefla Live is an exclusive
rendezvous organised each year by Cefla Finishing in its large laboratory. Professionals from this
business sector can get right up close to the most advanced technologies and witness the best
quality results obtained through their implementation, including a preview of as yet unreleased
solutions. The event follows a format in which partner companies (inks, paints, spraying
equipment, components and software) are invited. They benefit from a small area to exhibit and
thus strike up a relationship with customers. The three days turned out to be an opportunity to
network and also saw the presence of Cefla Plant Solutions showcasing some fascinating case
studies with regard to energy production and recovery. Also present the new company belonging to
Cefla, C-LED, with a host of solutions for industrial plants and lighting components for furniture.
Jet-Set also participated in Cefla Live following its recent acquisition by Cefla Finishing.
“This year’s event has lived up to our expectations, in line with previous editions.” remarked
Alberto Maestri, Cefla Finishing’s Managing Director. “Cefla Live is true-to-life laboratory where
we openly share our solutions with our customers and the companies working in collaboration with
us. It therefore represents a vital opportunity to put the finishing touches to our innovations, which
we will subsequently launch on the market during the coming tradeshows. Let me thank everyone
who made this a success, in particular those who visited the event and shared their ideas with us,
thus helping us further consolidate our global market leadership in the Finishing industry.”
Cefla Live took place in the large R&D laboratory belonging to Cefla Finishing, to which a
temporary hospitality pavilion was added. An extensive 3,000 sqm of technology and knowhow
answering the needs of the market: Smartclean 4.0, the new frontier in panel brushing;
Flow Coating presenting the new advantages for window impregnation; prize-winning iGiottoApp
X2: the latest generation version of the iGiotto App anthropomorphic coating robot with 6 axes;
cTracker: the new software suite to support companies. The Cefla Finishing laboratory also housed
the best-known Cefla Finishing technologies in a fully functioning state: Prima, Mito, Easy, Linea
for Profiles, Smartparquet, Smartedge, iGiotto, iBotic, Pixart MP, Pixart SP, Fusion & Inert Coating
Technology and EasyWrap.

Cefla Finishing, a global leader in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives,
designs and builds tailor-made "turnkey" production lines, mainly for the wooden product manufacturing
industry. The expertise gained from years of experience on the market and advanced know-how have also
made Cefla Finishing a pivotal, cutting-edge provider of technology to the glass, plastic, fibre cement,
composite materials and metal finishing industries.
Cefla is an internationally established Italian industrial concern that was founded in 1932. It is continuously
evolving and operates in four different business areas: Cefla Plant Solutions (civil and industrial plant
engineering for the energy sector), Cefla Shopfitting (shop equipment and customized retail outlet
solutions), Cefla Finishing (machines and complete plants for coating and finishing) and Cefla
Medical (equipment for the dental and medical sectors). Cefla's strength stems from its founding principles:
strategic vision and long-term planning, investment in technology and innovation, financial soundness.


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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