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Cefla Finishing “Haptics” effects win key award at InPrint 2017

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IMOLA, 2017, November 14th. Cefla Finishing, together with Kuei, has just won the “Innovative Partnership Award” at InPrint 2017, the industrial digital print technology fair being held in Munich.

Once again, Cefla's strategy of putting itself at the forefront of technological research and development has proved to be a winning one. Know-how acquired through the takeover of JetSet (an Italian provider of true excellence in the digital printing field), combined with the technology co-developed with Kuei (a Friuli-based inkjet specialist), has breathed life into an innovative haptics print system in which tactile feedback is perfectly synchronised with the visual image.

The machine in question is the J-PRINT SP1300 TD, which uses MyTexture technology applied to single-pass systems and guarantees a resolution of 400 Dpi and speeds of over 50 m/min.

This award offers a further demonstration that Cefla, the world's coating leader, is also on the cutting edge of digital printing. And once again, it highlights Cefla’s unique capacity to stay ahead of market trends.


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

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