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Cleaf surfaces were chosen for Cafezal, the first Milanese roastery boutique dedicated to Specialty Coffees.
The interior design by Studiopepe has interpreted the roastery coffee house in a post-modern urban environment. Bespoke furniture designed on soft forms; intelligent play of patchworks inspired by elements from the nature but recalling contemporaneous forms.

The faced panels in the Sablè texture combined with the patterned motif decorative paper LN77 Karisma were used for the wall covering, the faced panels in the Millennium texture combined with the solid color decorative paper UB02 Blue Night for the top of the high table, whose ABS edge is in the Seta texture.

At Cafezal it is possible to get the experience of tasting a gourmet coffee in a sophisticated setting in the historic center of Milan. 
Photo: Giuseppe Dinnella