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Biesse Group reorganizes Service Management teams for Biesse and Intermac

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Charlotte, NC, February 7, 2017 – Due to the positive growth and expansion of the Biesse brands across the globe, Biesse and Intermac America have restructured the Service Manager responsibilities in order to provide our customers the best possible support. With machine order volumes consistently rising, Biesse Group established two separate Service Managers, a crucial addition to the Service Department, each focusing on distinct divisions.

“This reorganization places Biesse among the top companies most prepared to handle the industry’s constant growth without a lapse in quality customer service,” said Niki Kampiziones, Executive Vice President of Biesse and Intermac America.  “In addition, the Biesse and Intermac teams are now able to focus on specific machines and applications to quickly address customer’s needs.”

We are excited to announce Peter Magennis has accepted the position of Service Manager for the Intermac Glass and Stone Division for North America.  With over 24 years experience in the Glass and Stone Industry, Peter will oversee all hotline calls covering both the United States and Canada involving Intermac, as well as handle scheduling for our growing group of Intermac Field Service Technicians.  “This new service structure allows us to delve deeper into our areas of expertise and our individual lines of machinery,” said Peter.

Karl-Heinz (Charlie) Schulz has accepted the position of Service Manager for the Biesse Wood Division and brings over 30 years experience in the wood industry.  Charlie will be responsible for all activities related to service for the wood division, working with team leaders to provide solutions to our customers.  “I have worked side by side with Peter for many years, sharing resources.  Making each line more manageable means we can help each client specifically and are now able to plan further into the future. Our clients deserve the smallest window possible between their questions and our answers, so we have implemented the necessary infrastructure to ensure that,” said Charlie.

Please join us in congratulating Peter and Charlie on their new positions.  With this new team leading our Service Department, customers can look forward to constant advancements and after sales support second to none.