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BASF developed specialized solutions to secure the abutments for the steel suspension bridge

  • BASF ensures a durable and long service life for the bridge built in an active seismic zone

Istanbul, Turkey, September 21, 2016 – Constructed in the scope of Gebze-İzmir Highway Project, the Osman Gazi Bridge was opened on July 1, 2016. Innovative solutions based on BASF Construction Chemicals division's global knowledge and experience were used in the construction of the bridge, which has the fourth longest central span in the world with 1,550 meters. Grout, structural repair mortar, adhesives, and injections mortar were provided to the Osman Gazi Bridge, spanning a total length of 2,682 meters.

Dynamic loading and harsh conditions on the bridge

Built in an active seismic zone, Turkey’s most active fault line passes directly through the abutments of the Osman Gazi Bridge. The abutments that rise from the water are exposed to chloride attack that causes corrosion. With solutions specially developed for the Osman Gazi Bridge by BASF’s Construction Chemical division, BASF MasterProtect series corrosion inhibitors protect the bridge's reinforced concrete, while MasterFlow grout solutions secure the bridge's abutments. To anchor the bridge abutments, caisson structures were manufactured on land, then floated over to the wet docks with the help of trailers. MasterFlow grout solutions were also used in the production of the load-bearing steel columns. In cooperation with BASF, special tests were performed resulting in the selection of the most effective type of grout as well as the suitable application method for the grout used in building the bridge.

These BASF products were used in the construction of the Osman Gazi Bridge connecting the north and south shores of İzmit Bay and reducing the travelling time between two mega cities, Istanbul and İzmir, from six and a half hours to three and a half hours. In addition to BASF's MasterFlow grout solution products, the MasterEmaco S series structural repair mortars, MasterEmaco T series repair mortars offering high durability and quick setting, MasterBrace ADH adhesives, MasterInject injection mortars, and MasterProtect series corrosion inhibitors offer unique solutions for the Osman Gazi Bridge, providing a durable and long service life. All solutions and products are part of BASF’s comprehensive Master Builders Solutions portfolio for the construction industry.


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