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Back to the future: Sachsenküchen celebrates individuality in the kitchen

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The best of two worlds meet in Dippoldiswalde near Dresden. There Sachsenküchen has been combining carpentry with industrial production since 1908. The result: top-class kitchens that offer the highest degree of individuality. And the manufacture has become even more flexible this year:  By investing in one of the most modern plants for the production of individual furniture, every component part is now manufactured according to the single-unit-principle – thus the customers have even greater freedom in planning the kitchen. In addition to this, Sachsenküchen is introducing a series of new models, decor and fronts at the A30 Kuechenmeile trade fair. Hence, the shortest way to a dream kitchen now leads directly to Saxony.  

The cornerstone for individual production was already laid at Sachsenküchen in 2007 – long before the topic was on everyone’s lips. “We noticed that the demand for special solutions was increasing and reacted to this trend right away,” says Elko Beeg, who joined the company as managing director in 2007 and decisively advanced the course of individualisation.

“If somebody wants to redesign their kitchen today, they don’t want to have to compromise in planning. We fulfil this wish from our customers with our idea of a ‘tailored kitchen‘. As with a tailor, the customers choose from a large range of fabrics, colours and styles and then have their kitchen tailored exactly to their wishes and space requirements.“    

By investing in the plant and constantly expanding the product portfolio, Sachsenküchen has developed into one of the most flexible kitchen manufacturers and passes this flexibility directly on to its distributors. The distributor is then able to plan an absolutely unique kitchen together with the customer. “Today everyone strives for individuality,” says Elko Beeg. “This is really important especially for living. After all, the home is the place where we spend a lot of time with family and friends. We want to feel comfortable there and give our individuality expression. This is reflected in our company philosophy.”

The proximity to customers and the focus on implementing customer wishes go hand in hand with product quality at Sachsenküchen.  And because the company has one of the most modern production lines to manufacture “single units”, this quality can be supplied with the speed and price-performance-ratio of industrial manufacturing. 

An above average production depth, excellent quality of fittings or a sophisticated interior design of the cupboards – the list of the benefits of a Sachsenküchen kitchen is long. At the A30 Kuechenmeile in the KCL Kitchen Center Löhne, visitors can convince themselves of the benefits – and experience how Sachsenküchen fills the topic of individuality with life: The current trends in interior design can be found in a large number of new colours, decors and fittings. The list of novelties, where the virtues of Sachsenküchen are fully exploited, extends from trend colours such as stone gray over marble decor right up to the new shiny metallic surfaces of the model OXANA: a clean, straight design that can also be found in the new planning variation without handles. Sachsenküchen will present seven new kitchens at the industry event in Eastern Westphalia.  Among these are many novelties that contribute to the fusion of living room and kitchen: the new pull-out tray, new ultra mat FENIX surfaces, which are available as worktop or front material, compound worktops for flush-mounted hobs and sinks or drawers made of wood.    

With the seven kitchens, Sachsenküchen also shows what a real “tailored kitchen” looks like. With regard to each model, exhibitors explain where the exhibition pieces deviate from the standard. “This way customers and distributors can get an impression of what we mean by single-unit-production,” says Elko Beeg. “Namely, a ‘tailored kitchen’ that is designed completely according to the customer’s wishes and spatial requirements.” The best examples of this are cupboards made to order, additional built-in interior sliding bins and very unique furniture in line with customer drawings.