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Attendees at AWFS can traverse Elon Musk's underground tunnels

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This week's AWFS Fair, held this week in Las Vegas will have some exciting things throughout the event. But perhaps one of the more interesting features of your trip might the fact that attendees will be able to traverse Elon Musk's Boring Company's tunnel system underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Attendees of June's World of Concrete show were among the first to experience the loop, opened in June.

The 1.7 mile Vegas Loop consists of three passenger stations bridged together by 12-foot wide tunnels. It's been reported that more than 60 Teslas are always driving around picking up and dropping off passengers – reportedly moving over 4,000 people an hour. 



EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER set a goal to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the future, committing to Net Zero by 2050 and reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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