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At mHouse and S&P Symposium, You’ll Like What You See


Ask anyone to describe their preference for interior furnishings, and you’re likely to hear, “I’ll tell you what I like when I see it.”

Articulating something as personal and ubiquitous as design preference is not easy. I’m no different. Furniture stores, kitchen showrooms and design centers exist for this reason. But it is not always easy to gain visibility for a new surface material or a cutting-edge process. Sometimes, furniture and fixture manufacturers are slow to adopt spectacular new products. If the products aren’t among the manufacturers’ latest offerings, they will never find their way to the retail floor or be considered by consumers.

At Bedford Falls Communications, we are doing our best to reveal the latest and greatest products from around the world.

First, our design website, materialicious (, was launched to communicate quickly to a worldwide audience what a traditional distribution channel may take years to reveal. The site contains more than 40,000 images of some of the coolest products you’ll find. It is popular among the global design community and consumers alike. On materialicious, you’ll find what you like or simply an inspiration for what’s possible.

Second, we’ve taken the idea of to a new level. We are building a spectacular home called the mHouse. It is a residential research lab for tomorrow’s modern home. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate what’s possible in residential interiors (and exteriors) by uniting materials, technology and design. The mHouse will showcase spectacular industry materials and products. You’ll have to see it to appreciate it.

I must confess that I am fanatical about the four P’s – passion for panel-processed products. This may sound a bit technical, so let me put it into context. The finest contemporary designs in furniture and cabinets employ panel processing to create some of the world’s most beautiful, valuable and sought-after products. Think Poggenpohl in kitchens, Herman Miller in offices, the Memphis Group in home furnishing and art. Panel products and decorative surfaces are the common thread that weaves them together.

Architect John Vetter and interior designer Amy Carman have been tasked with uniting materials from an array of sponsoring companies into a beautiful contemporary environment at the mHouse. From floors, walls and ceilings to cabinetry and furniture, panel-processed products will be everywhere. And I guarantee that you will like what you see.

The grand opening of the mHouse, located in Watertown, Wis., is Sept. 30. The first annual Surface & Panel Symposium is Sept. 29 at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wis. The symposium promises to be a special event, featuring an exhibit session, presentations by prominent industry professionals from the design community and round-table discussions. The Surface & Panel Symposium and the mHouse grand opening are the perfect one-two punch. You can learn about the world’s finest materials at the symposium and see them in practice in the mHouse.

You may not know what you like until you see it, but if you don’t see it, you’ll never know what you like. Moreover, you’ll never know what you’re missing.


All my best,

John Aufderhaar | Surface & Panel | | 920-206-1766



All symposium registrants gain access to the mHouse grand opening Sept. 30.

If you are an architect, designer, fabricator or distributor, this two-day event is designed specifically for you. Please consider this my personal invitation to attend free of charge. Go to to register today.

If you are a supplier to the industry and want to engage our special guests at the first annual Surface & Panel Symposium, please consider sponsoring the event.


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