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At Cefla Live, the new generation of ovens labeled Cefla Finishing

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IMOLA. 2017, 19th October. After the debut at Ligna 2017, the Omnidry ovens line was also shown in the LAB of Cefla Live, the exclusive international event organized by Cefla Finishing from 18 to 20 October. The new generation of ovens can be equipped with a special function called Flexpro, which is the subject of a Cefla patent that allows for the automated management of load thickness as a function of the size of the pieces and the logistical needs. With Flexpro, the system recognizes the incoming pieces and automatically adjusts to accept them and manage the cycle without requiring any intervention by operators and, above all, without ever stopping production. Cefla’s range of vertical ovens has made some important improvements, in particular in regard to maintenance (which can be preventive and programmable), diagnostics, thermal efficiency, cleaning and flexibility, all thanks to a design and technological breakthrough that makes the modular range configurable depending on the layout and needs of the customer today. The most notable change is the position of the drives, which have been moved down from the top of the system to below the oven’s worktop, making maintenance easier and safer for the operator, who is no longer required to work at heights. This important development also contributes to better efficiency in terms of operating temperatures and cleaning, eliminating any risk of contamination among the lubrications of the motoring and processing zones.

Another new aspect compared to the previous generation of ovens is the new lifting chains, which increase the flow rate. Each door is ventilated in an autonomous manner and the air is channelled only on the trays and not on the chain, thus avoiding any gusts of powder. A new and exclusive large door that opens from behind allows for effortless control of ventilation inside the oven. A different mechanism for horizontal translation that is no longer via compressed air but synchronized with the lifting chain to exploit the kinematic system completes the list of the Omnidry range’s main features.

Cefla Finishing, a global leader in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives, designs and builds tailor-made "turnkey" production lines, mainly for the wooden product manufacturing industry. The expertise gained from years of experience on the market and advanced know-how have also made Cefla Finishing a pivotal, cuttingedge provider of technology to the glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal finishing industries.



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