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ASID + NeoCon + Herman Miller partner on awards proving power of design

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(October 2, 2018 — Washington, DC) — The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has partnered with Herman Miller and NeoCon to launch the Outcome of Design Awards. Designed to celebrate the power of design, the Outcome of Design Awards will recognize projects that successfully illustrate that “Design Impacts Live” through data-driven results.

“The Outcome of Design Awards seeks to connect design excellence with design thinking, filling a void that exists not just in interior design but the entire built environment,” states Randy Fiser, Hon. FASID, ASID CEO. “This program will provide measurable evidence of the positive impact of design on humans within a space. Whether it be physical or mental wellbeing, productivity, or one of many other factors, this award will recognize the designer/client relationship and how it can produce desired outcomes metrics as a criterion for winning. The Outcome of Design Awards puts people first and goes beyond the obvious esthetics of a space and examine the nuances of a project and how it all comes together.”

The Outcome of Design Awards will use three primary criteria to determine the finalists and winning projects: design solutions and details, occupant experience, and research-based results. The Awards will highlight new tools and processes in design, strategy, technology, and research providing an inside-look into the nominated spaces. These techniques will shed light on the quantifiable effects of projects on people in spaces, as well as the innovative designers and businesses behind them. By looking comprehensively at everything from design intent and certifications to post-occupancy research findings, the Awards will demonstrate how the design and human experience go hand-in-hand.

Notes Herman Miller Director of Workplace Strategy, Design, & Management, Joseph White, “The organizations, designers, and strategists who evaluate the positive impact of design on the human experience are shaping the future of the industry. We’re excited to celebrate and learn from their projects as we build a new community of practice focused on the measurable outcome of design.”

Adds Fiser, “We’re honored to have industry-revered partners Herman Miller and NeoCon on board for this project. Their investment in this program is a testament to the industry’s evolution when it comes to life-changing design tactics.”

In addition to diving into the details of each project, the Outcome of Design Awards Program also engages the client, looking beyond the sole perspective of the design team. Clients will have the opportunity to share valuable insight on project goals, successes, and occupancy experiences.

Outcome of Design Award finalists will be invited to share their projects at the first-ever ASID Outcome of Design Conference in Chicago, March 21-22, 2019. This event will be held in partnership with Herman Miller, NeoCon, and Metropolis.

For more information on the Outcome of Design Awards or to enter a project for award, visit


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