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ARAUCO Launches New Prism TFL Collection, Expanding Selection and Service Model for the Design and Fabrication Communities

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ATLANTA – August 2nd, 2018 – ARAUCO will debut its 2019-2020 Prism Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) collection in a showcase for the architecture, design and fabricator communities at the 2018 International Woodworking Fair (IWF) in Atlanta this August. The latest collection includes 16 on-trend décors and two new textures.

"This is a very diverse launch where we are introducing new textures and décors in a wide range of colors and species," said Kevin Shotbolt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "It is rooted in global and local design trends, augmented by technology, and is an expression of our commitment to the North American market through an unprecedented, integrated service model. We are excited to share the success of our Prism TFL line with our customers and contribute to their growth."ARAUCO is in the unique position not only to offer customers aesthetic value, but also to provide an unparalleled service model. ARAUCO manufactures the particleboard, MDF or HDF substrate used for Prism TFL in North America; and has full paper-treating and lamination operations in multiple locations across the continent. These capabilities combined with a network of distribution partners enable customers to have access to the collection wherever they are. As part of its service model, ARAUCO partners with trusted suppliers of complementary products such as edgebanding, doors, molding, HPL and 3DL, so that matching products can be easily sourced for projects specifying Prism TFL.

With this introduction, Prism TFL is adding two new textures; Boreal, a deep, tactile, striated texture, and Velvet, a smooth, matte texture. Additionally, in 2019, two-sided Taction Oak Embossed in Register (EIR) panels will be offered from the new plant in Grayling, Michigan.

"We look forward to the new opportunities this acquisition will provide to our customers," said Kevin Shotbolt, ARAUCO Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The synergies between these two Albany, Oregon based sites, will allow us to continue with our strategic plan of providing additional TFL laminated panels, and improved service model."

The new collection is comprised of three new woodgrain series, an update to the existing Taction Oak, an exotic, leathery woodgrain and the inclusion of two new walnut décors. The update is rounded out with a textile-inspired design and a solid blue accent:

  • Nordica: In four different color tones. These bright, delicate wood looks bring the illusion of open space to urban living by working well with indoor green spaces like plants and windows to bring an understated elegance and minimalism to the indoor environment. Nordica is available in WF449 Sarek Ash, WF450 Bergen Ash, WF451 Narvik Ash, and WF452 Karuna Ash.
  • Cascada: In two different color tones. This inviting and cordial laminate helps create a comfortable balance between natural elements and striking colors, metallic finishes, and stone finishes. Cascada is available in WF444 Tumalo Pine and WF445 Sahalie Pine.
  • Fiero Oak: In three different color tones. Earthy and rustic, these authentic woodgrains speak for themselves with natural dark tones that resemble the sophisticated stylings of artful, handcrafted wood. Available in WF446 Charred Oak, WF447 Toasted Oak, and WF448 Seared Oak.
  • Taction Oak: Adding two color tones to our existing Taction oak collection. Inspired by the structure and color of its namesake, Taction Oak adds natural warm tones, modern bohemian sensibilities, and a cozy, inviting personality to interior surfaces. Taction Oak is available in WF440 Ginger and WF441 Burlap.
  • The new collection includes two new walnut décors, WF442 Chique and WF443 Luxent; along with WF439 Outlandia, an exotic, leathery woodgrain look; and textile-inspired AF232 Natural Linen.

"We're delighted to launch our new Prism TFL Collection," said Sebastian Cremaschi, Director of Marketing. "Inspired by Scandinavian trends and the rich and expansive boreal forests, the 2019-2020 collection introduces colors and textures that offer versatility, boldness and authenticity to enhance any space. With the introduction of proprietary InCopper® antimicrobial technology, our customers will gain an additional competitive advantage by working with Prism TFL compared to other decorative surfaces."

InCopper®, an antimicrobial technology which Arauco plans to launch on January 1, 2019, protects the surface of the panel through naturally occurring copper salts that actively inhibit the growth of microorganisms including bacteria, mold and fungus. InCopper is a proprietary technology that will be incorporated into all Prism TFL exclusive designs as a standard and as an optional for commodities. The protection provided by InCopper is safe; effective and continuously active, making it ideal for high traffic applications; specifically, areas with increased exposure to humidity or contamination, such as closets, hospitals, restaurants, schools, offices, kitchens, bathrooms or other interior spaces where the panel may be susceptible to contamination.


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CPA Elects New 2024 Officers and Executive Committee Members

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