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International hardwood specialist Danzer at Global Shop in Chicago

Dornbirn (A)/Chicago (USA). International hardwood specialist Danzer presented its high-value wood interior finishes for retail at Global Shop Chicago from June 25-27, 2019. The focus was on turnkey solutions and personalized branding. Danzer’s Vinterio, Linea, Freeform and Danzer 3D-Veneer product lines were all on show at Global Shop.

International hardwood specialist Danzer was showcasing its wood interior design ideas at Global Shop in Chicago (Hall A, Level 3, Stand Number 3662) from June 25-27, 2019. Danzer is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of decorative wooden surfaces for the furniture, design and interior design sectors. “Our products enable us to offer turnkey wood solutions for retail spaces – these finishes add value by creating a uniform, aesthetically appealing interior while opening up custom branding options: we coordinate everything from floors, walls and furniture, to accessories such as clothes hangers. The outcome is an authentic feel-good experience for consumers,” explained Eckart Schmitt, CEO of Danzer’s Specialty Division. “In times of increasing online sales, real-world shopping experiences need to be brought to life and given a positive, memorable feel. And interiors play a special part in this: customer surveys confirm that wood creates a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere, which is why it is so popular among consumers and encourages them to spend more time in a store. Wood is a sustainable and natural material that can trigger positive emotions,” he added.

Know-how and global service for seamless execution
Danzer uses its expertise built up over decades of working with wood to support interior designers and point-of-sale planners. The company has many different kinds of high-quality natural and technical veneers made from a wide variety of wood species in its portfolio, and combines them with other materials such as metal. “There are virtually no limits to what is possible – from the birth of the initial idea to the finished product, we work closely with the customer every step of the way. When they buy our technical veneers, customers, planners and designers benefit from reliable availability, simple procurement procedures and calculable cost savings. Thanks to our worldwide network of sales offices, they can count on professional and straightforward service – wherever they are,” Eckart Schmitt emphasized.

Wide range of products at Global Shop: Danzer Vinterio, Linea and 3D-Veneer
The company was showcasing its tried and trusted Danzer Linea and Danzer Vinterio technical veneers at Global Shop. Danzer Vinterio is a real-wood surface made from high-quality hardwood lumber components. The product exhibits a solid, solid-wood aesthetic. The products in the Danzer Linea line are made from a variety of sawn hardwoods and have a fine, linear look. Both product lines are available in a range of different species. In addition to standard species such as American Walnut, European Oak and smoked Larch, Danzer offers a product whose properties almost mimic those of a textile in the form of Black Birch – a material whose structure and sheen brings raw silk to mind. Also shown at Global Shop, Danzer 3D-Veneer allows the creation of exceptional organic wood shapes. “We have already used 3D-Veneer in several hundred volume production runs commissioned by the furniture and automotive industries, and we are pleased to see that 3D-Veneer is attracting increasing interest as an interior design option,” Eckart Schmitt said.

Inlaid wood: Danzer Freeform
Danzer Freeform opens up a range of eye-catching custom design options. Freeform is a technology developed by Danzer to automate the insertion of metal inlays into wood surfaces, replacing costly manual elements of the process. “Danzer Freeform technology now makes it possible to create veneers with inlays in virtually any shape: decorative elements, typographical details and even logos can now be added to wood surfaces according to individual customer specifications and at a much more reasonable cost than before,” Eckart Schmitt noted.     

Danzer facts box:
One of the world’s largest producers of decorative hardwood.
Founded: 1932
Holding company located in: Dornbirn, Austria
Production sites: 4 in Europe, 6 in North America
Sales offices: 7 in Europe, 8 in North America, 3 in Asia
Product range: sliced wood, lumber, timber and logs, specialty products (Vinterio, 3D-Veneer)
Sales in 2018: EUR 202 million
Supplies customers in 79 countries worldwide
Employees: 1,600 worldwide