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SCM presents accord 42 fx, a new cnc machining centre of the accord range, the ideal solution for the processing of doors, windows, stairs and solid wood elements.
Designed for heavy duty operations, it is suitable for those companies requiring high productivity on variable batches, thanks to its versatility.

The main feature of accord 42 fx is the new TWIN machining head, consisting of 2 routing units each one with its own independent Y-axis and independent Z-axis.
The alternate use of the 2 units reduces the cycle time: while one unit is working, the other performs the tool change, for an improved machine productivity.

Perfect profiling with the 4-axis rear routing unit
The bigger working section and the high speeds of latest generation tools, require top power performances; the new 21 kW electrospindle performs high stock removals maintaining an excellent finish quality.
The coaxial deflector positioned directly on the machining unit improves the shavings extraction efficiency, guaranteeing maximum cleaning of the machine and the working environment.

Total versatility with the 5-axis front routing unit
Typical peculiarity of accord machining centres is the facility to carry out different processing operations without operator’s intermediate set-ups: routing and inclined drilling on complex-shaped objects, cutting with 350mm diameter saw-blades for very thick elements.

The capacity of the tools stores, up to 76 pockets, enables the machine to be always ready for any operation, reducing time for tooling.


The fully automated Matic worktable with direct transmission system and independent drive units, ensures the complete set-up in seconds.
Simple and quick substitution of clamps through the exclusive rapid docking device.


Control and programming of the machine by Maestro cnc, the software developed by SCM which includes several Apps:

  • Maestro pro view, three-dimensional (3D) machining process simulator
  • Maestro 3d, three-dimensional (3D) object designing and programming
  • Maestro apps, functions library for simplified programming of windows, doors, stairs and furnishings


Maestro suite is now joined by Maestro connect, the IoT (Internet of Things) solution of SCM to collect, monitor and analyze the data of the machine, improving the services available to the customer.