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Master suite includes private office, art on display and sleeping space that flows into bath and closet areas

Just inside the front entry and off the main living area is the beginning of the mHouse’s master suite in the form of the owner’s cozy private office. It includes two highlights: elegant walnut cabinets and a formidable and beautiful desk by Fiberesin.


The horizontal surface and doors of the cabinets are made from Roseburg’s walnut veneer-faced hardwood plywood. The interiors of the cabinet boxes contrast beautifully with Roseburg’s white TFL. The cabinet doors’ functional hardware is a custom-designed flush-mounted pull in a steel-graphite finish from Contemporary Pull. Artist Pamela Anderson, owner of Contemporary Pull, designed and manufactures these and other unique cabinet door hardware.

The 800-pound desk is made of compact laminate from Fiberesin Industries, the same company that provided phenolic panels for the home’s exterior. It consists of two 1 1/2-inch panels — each made of multiple sheets of phenolic resin-saturated kraft paper – that are fused in a hot press under high heat and pressure. Fiberesin used bleached and black kraft paper from Kapstone to create an alternating edge design pattern. Both 1 ½-inch panels were then laminated to create the 3-inch thick work surface. Fiberesin fabricated the work surface with a 45-degree angle waterfall edge that drops straight to the floor.

Interior designer Amy Carman saw the beauty in the material as much as its functionality and durability.

“I absolutely love the design possibilities with the thick phenolic material,” Carman said. “I’ve never seen a material like this before and couldn’t wait to employ it in the mHouse. I’m already using the material in other residential interiors, as well.”

As you leave the office and head down the long hall toward the sleeping and bath areas, your eyes are drawn to the 8-foot-by-20-foot artwork on the wall to your left. The piece is Reginald Baylor’s renowned “Left Right and Left Again,” the original of which is owned by a private collector in California. This version is made from Wilsonart’s custom digital laminate, also known as WilsonartXYOU. The art was digitized and re-colored to avoid infringing on Baylor’s original. The digital file was provided to Wilsonart, which re-sized it to match the dimensions of the art wall. Wilsonart produced five 4-foot-by-8-foot HPL sheets. The process was easy and accurate.

Because of the piece’s size and prestige, not just any hanging system would do. This art demands the best, and that’s Panel Specialists Inc., or PSI, of Temple, Texas. PSI’s System 310 is engineered to handle large HPL panels. Each HPL sheet is first laminated to 3/8-inch particleboard, then cut to size and grooved on all vertical edges to accommodate the mounting system. All materials expand and contract with temperature and moisture, and particleboard and HPL are no different. PSI engineers its wall mounting systems to allow for such variability. The 4’-x-8’ sheets are cut strategically into six ready-to-mount panels. Each cut creates a 1/16-inch gap between panels into which a very thin and elegant extrusion connects one to the next. The gaps are nearly invisible, yet necessary. All outer edges are capped with anodized aluminum caps to finish and encapsulate the art.

In the sleeping, bath and closet areas, the space has few of the traditional distinctions.

“Living spaces today tend to be more hybrids, with the sleeping area flowing naturally into the bathing and closet area, which are no longer separate,” said John Aufderhaar, president of Bedford Falls Communications and publisher of Surface & Panel.

The master bath and closet storage area was created in a more European sense, designed for custom wardrobes and eliminating the traditional walk-in closets.

“The thinking today is that you don’t have a separate room to hang clothes but instead you have storage to conceal it,” Aufderhaar said.

The closets are built into the spacious bath and dressing area, which features luxurious plumbing fixtures from Kohler that include a DTV+ shower system with touchscreen interface. The center of the space features a his-and-her island with sinks, mirrors and lighting on opposite sides.

Interior designer Amy Carman selected Tokaj Alder from StevensWood’s Legno collection, an embossed-in-register TFL, for the master suite’s closets and drawers. An Italian porcelain tile installed in running bond on the wall and continuing across the floor was selected to match the Tokaj Alder pattern.

Stevens’ Tokaj Alder TFL incorporates an original Schattdecor design. Creating the perfect textured TFL requires close coordination between the décor printer, plate maker and TFL producer. 

“The soft look and feel of Stevens’ TFL is much like the super-matte finishes so popular in Europe,” Carman said. “Normally, we would match cabinetry to the hard surfaces in a space like this, but I fell in love with the Stevens design and used it as the central color from which we selected the other surfaces.”

Wilsonart’s Solid Surface in Coconut Oil was used for the large vanity top with a 3-inch edge flush to the cabinetry, matching the theme throughout the home.

The storage and vanity cabinets were fabricated by Quest Engineering of Richfield, Wis. All Solid Surface fabrication and installation was done by Neumann Cabinets of Oconomowoc, Wis., a certified Wilsonart fabricator


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