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14 first boards at one time - Ramp-up of Martco Corrigan OSB multi-opening plant in Texas, USA

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When contracts were signed in early 2015, it was the first big greenfield project in the North American wood-based panel industry in 10 years. Now, Martco’s new OSB plant in Corrigan, Texas, has been completed. On April 24, at 10:18 a.m., the 14 openings were loaded for the first time and the first 14 boards were produced concurrently.

In addition to the 12×26 ft multi-opening press, Dieffenbacher also delivered the 4-head forming station and the Flexoplan® forming line. Together with a press line in Oakdale, Louisiana, commissioned in 2006, Martco now operates two OSB multi-opening plants from Dieffenbacher. The new plant in Texas is designed to produce 750,000 m³ OSB per year.