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Excellent vocational training conditions and future prospects

25 new vocational trainees this year

OnFounder and Senior Manager Heinrich Sagel with new apprentices and staff responsible for the company 1 September 2017, 25 young people started their vocational training with the system component manufacturer from eastern Westphalia – for many of them, this is the first step towards a successful career with the group of companies: Once they are fully qualified, Vauth-Sagel offers them excellent career prospects.

The Vauth-Sagel group of companies actively counteracts the shortage of qualified workers and successfully recruits vocational trainees for different areas each year. This year, 25 young people successfully applied for a place and started their vocational training on 1 September. The company will train them for jobs in the technical as well as the business administration area at the four company sites in eastern Westphalia (Brakel-Erkeln, Beverungen, Paderborn) and northern Hesse (Korbach). In addition, a student studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management has been given the chance to complete the practical in-company part of her degree course with the subsidiary mauser (Korbach). "We are delighted that we have once again managed to find suitable candidates for all vocational training places this year," explains Prof. Dr. Martin Sagel, the head of the HR department.


The company began to pass on its expertise to vocational trainees soon after its establishment by Heinrich Sagel. "Sound vocational training with us and within our group of companies is still the best way to recruit good future employees for a wide range of different areas who meet our specific requirements. Around 90 per cent of the trainees who complete their vocational training with us are usually offered permanent employment contracts afterwards. This allows us to inspire loyalty to our company at an early stage in their career," explains Prof. Dr. Martin Sagel on behalf of the management.

Material expertise is preference criterion for school leavers

The Vauth-Sagel group of companies has a lot to offer to the youngsters. The excellent framework conditions during their vocational training not only include the latest technical developments, machines and tools but also the chance to attain the outstanding material expertise in the areas of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastics which the entire training is based on. There is also the interdisciplinary exchange between the various company sites and departments. It allows the trainees to get to know a wide range of procedures, products, services, materials and technical equipment; this versatility then makes it possible for them to work in many different areas within the group of companies later on.

Career in a globalised world

As the owner-managed, success-oriented group of companies does business world-wide, the career starters enjoy excellent career opportunities once they are fully qualified. "There are often further qualification opportunities and of course also promotion prospects at a particular site or within the group, provided the person is dedicated to their job. There are also opportunities for temporarily working abroad. Many of the trainees who have just begun their training can therefore look forward to a very successful career," says Prof. Dr. Martin Sagel.


Vauth-Sagel has stood for contemporary and innovative storage space solutions for over 55 years. The owner-managed family business develops, manufactures and sells system components for the kitchen and furniture industry that are aimed at making people's lives more comfortable. With many years of expertise in working with all of the materials used, 900 employees manufacture more than 85 million quality products "Made in Germany" every year. "Vauth-Sagel creates high quality system solutions for all living spaces. And for everyone." With this promise, Vauth-Sagel accommodates the needs of its customers around the world with ground-breaking inspirational innovations they can include in their product design and fittings.



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