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Ultrapan specializes in superior, customizable Ultra-High Gloss and Ultra-Matte laminated panels.

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Their finishes cater to contemporary tastes, ensuring spaces are as stylish as they are functional, ideal for kitchens, furniture, displays, and various residential, commercial, and institutional applications.

Address: 3900 NW 121st Ave., Coral Springs, FL 33065
Phone: (754) 702-2632

Innovative and Resilient Surfaces:
Ultrapan's PET and acrylic panels are designed to resist stains, scratches, and UV rays, offering eco-friendly products that are also easy to clean and maintain.

Customization at Its Best - Ultrapan Panels Made Your Way:

  • More than 60 surface options including solid and woodgrain designs, pearlescent, and metallic finishes, and deep emboss textures.
  • A diverse stock selection that includes cores made from standard MDF, lite MDF, fire-retardant MDF, moisture-resistant NAF MDF, and exterior-grade MDF, available from ¼" to 1½" thickness in 4x8 or 4x10 sizes.
  • Matching edge banding, including 15/16" and 1-3/4" widths, ensures a seamless look for all designs.
  • Anti-Fingerprint (AFP) coatings provide a clean finish on all Ultra-Matte surfaces.
  • An expanded metallics collection, including options for 4x10 as well as 4x8 panels.
  • The quick-ship program ensures efficient delivery of ¾" 4x8 MDF panels.

Service and Supply:

  • Ultrapan inventories various substrate types and sizes, ready for the production program.
  • They embrace special orders, tailoring solutions to meet unique requirements.

Discover Ultrapan:
Visit for insights into how their modern finishes can elevate your home, office, or storefront.



EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

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