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Simple, independent, realistic, elegant, authentic, innovative. Those are some of the many terms used by leading decorative surfaces companies to describe their latest and most interesting products. Each year, Surface & Panel asks those companies to share their designs and material advances. The resulting Surface Design Guide is intended to inspire specifiers and fabricators by providing a showcase of the trends and technologies that are shaping the marketplace.

Chemetal: Presenting the InteriorArts 2016 Collection

 Trending colorways and unique textures make InteriorArts new laminate collection unlike any other. This new range of 37 design-driven high pressure laminates features distressed industrial looks, very usable neutral tones and popular light to medium wood grains. Plus, impressive texture that pops makes the collection a standout.

These new designs are part of InteriorArts collection of over 90 HPL design laminates. They’re GREENGUARD certified for low VOCs and available in 4’ x 8’ sheets. They are ideal for vertical use in interior spaces.

Chemetal / Treefrog / InteriorArts

Chemetal, Treefrog and InteriorArts are a massive collection of design materials in metal, wood and laminate. Each one is a product line, or brand, of its own, and all are sold from the same place – a family owned business focused on specialty laminates, committed to customer service, and in business for over 50 years.

Chemetal is the primary design material. The company makes many unique metal designs in-house  – brushing, ageing and oxidizing metals by hand and machine, and sourcing other metals and materials, including Treefrog and InteriorArts, from the best suppliers in Germany, Italy, Japan and Asia.


EGGER: Never as real as FEELWOOD

Never before has a TFL woodgrain surface looked as real as EGGER’s newest two-sided embossed in register texture generation.

FEELWOOD textures are not only indistinguishable from both veneers and solid wood, they also have the added advantages of providing continuity of color between sheets while also being lightfast and extremely durable.

FEELWOOD products are available as TFL on PB, MDF and Eurolight lightweight panel substrates, as laminates (CPL) and compact laminates (HPL).

To complete the look, we have developed an ABS edge with the look and feel of sawn timber, for that end grain edge effect.


Interprint: Clark stands its ground

This maple is robust, independent and bold. Clark is persistent in its ascension to greatness for many applications, especially on large furniture fronts.


A décor that knows how to shine in the limelight, Clark may just be the centerpiece you’ve been looking for.


Kastamonu: Urban carries city elegance to living spaces

The Urban range, inspired by the most fascinating cities of the world, introduces a new style in living spaces.

The Urban range combines elegance and aesthetics and is produced by Kastamonu Entegre, which is one of the five biggest producers of laminate parquet in Europe and which named its Floorpan range products after some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, such as New York, Peking, Sydney, Miami, Shanghai, Tokyo, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Urban range, which was improved and developed to appeal to all lifestyles and tastes, presents the aesthetic features of other big cities, such as Paris, Geneva, Lisbon, Madrid, Monaco, Rome, Vienna and Barcelona. Each product in the Urban range reflects the predominant styles of the city after which it was named.The Urban range provides 16 decorative alternatives to the Floorpan and Artfloor brands. The range has a stronger and more resistant structure, which makes it perfect for offices, waiting rooms and commercial spaces.


KML: Realism, beauty, fidelity

The EDGEWOOD texture from KML delivers the look and feel of exotic woods while leaving critical habitats untouched. A green alternative to solid wood or veneers, this TFL product enhances color consistency, durability and fade resistance.

Go wild on your next project with EDGEWOOD's eco-friendly substrates and extensive color options. Jackson Buff and Sandy Shoal, two EDGEWOOD colors with European roots, look poised for big success.


Lamitech: Three significant trends define what’s new

Organic Simplicity is characterized by a feeling of freedom from attachment and standards – a place where you stay in touch with the naturalness of material, exalting the beauty of its imperfections. Nothing is finished or perfectly placed.

There is a clear presence of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic vision based on acceptance and appreciation of imperfect and natural materials, mixed with minimalism.

A new Nordic feel represents simplicity and a feel of more warmth given by simple organic touches, such as manmade and altered pieces.

Bohemian Folk is characterized by lived-in looks where objects tell their own stories in eclectic environments full of memories.

Here, authenticity of colors and materials stands out – multicultural spaces where all personal influences reside, simple but vivid with a natural and cozy feel.

Finally, a strong, sober, essentially masculine trend leads to Urban Gent, where spaces and objects follow a classical inspiration.

Shapes and colors come from items that evoke luxury, bringing us an elegant masculine essence. This retro-chic style is complemented by urban modern environments that provide a casual look where black plays a main role.


Northern Contours: Manufactured to conceal and resist wear

PerformEx 3D Laminates are an ideal material for work & dining surfaces. An enhanced topcoat or texture is the key to PerformEx’s durability and longevity over other laminates and coated materials. PerformEx 3DLs are 3D-formable, allowing for ergonomic profiled edges and seamless shapes. They can also be miter folded to create thick, modern surfaces. Available in a wide range of solids, abstracts, woodgrains & textures.


Panel Processing: Uniting texture, woodgrain in perfect harmony

Panel Processing is excited to present the Jane Kelly Collection, a compilation of Finsa’s thermally fused laminates. The award-winning designer specifically selected Finsa as the producer of her collection. Although the collection contains multiple textures, the embossed in register and deep texture stand out by providing a more authentic surface inspired by nature. Finsa’s philosophy of using the wood as the base element to manufacture and develop solutions guarantees a product that unites texture and woodgrain in perfect harmony.


Schattdecor: Decolay Real is perfect fit

Schattdecor introduces its latest product, Decolay Real, an impregnated decor paper with visually synchronized pattern effects and a perfect fit for the market niche between conventional melamine film and high-quality synchronized applications. The benefit of Decolay Real is that the textured surface is created through the usual process run. Therefore, the high investment costs for machine technology, press plates and camera systems are eliminated. A surface effect synchronized with the print pattern is created in post-processing with just a standard press plate. Although this product makes no claim to replace current high-quality synchronized applications (tactile or visual), it complements them to absolute perfection. It enables Schattdecor to satisfy the demands of customers in the wood-based panel industry who are looking for a visually synchronized surface effect for use in applications within the furniture sector – but without the trouble of costly and time-consuming development.


Tafisa: VIVA offers elegance, refinement

The first in the new Sommet Series and echoing the innovative vision that has been Tafisa’s hallmark since day one, VIVA’s unique texture and woodgrain structure offer elegance and refinement. Crafted from a rare wood species rich with character, this new creation is the culmination of a meticulous research process. The new VIVA texture is available in 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 9’ panels and offers a double-sided embossed-in-register texture. The texture comes in three different wood structures – Elegant, Rustic and Planked Effect  – and is available in 10 exquisite colours. A full range of complementary products is also available, including HPL, mouldings, doors, 3DL and


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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