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2016 Surface Design Guide

Each year, Surface & Panel magazine asks the industry’s leading decorative surfacing companies to share their latest designs and material advances. The resulting Surface Design Guide is a showcase of the trends and technologies that are shaping the marketplace. Beyond beautiful, this guide is intended to inspire specifiers and fabricators alike to understand what resources are available to create the best possible solutions.


Chemetal:  24 metal designs introduced

Chemetal introduces 24 new designs for 2015, the company’s largest introduction in recent memory. These latest designs span the breadth of Chemetal's product line, with new designs in almost every product category. The new additions include aged subway tile patinas, glowing mother of pearl-esque aluminums, richly textured HPL metal laminates, and aged brass, copper and steel Architectural Metals in easy to fabricate aluminum.

Chemetal’s new designs are available in standard sheet sizes – 4' x 8' and 4' x 10', as well as some 2' x 8' sizes. Many contribute to LEED with up to 85 percent recycled content.


Arauco: Icy Mherge is more than sum of its parts

Inspired by concrete in architecture and large format ceramic panels, this design combines glazing techniques seen in tile with a faded wood grain reference. Like a trendy threadbare rug, its color play and texture allow Mherge to correspond with a multitude of surfaces and accent colors. More than a simple sum of its parts, starting with a white base and its grey and brown characteristics, Icy Mherge works as a unique standalone statement or as a textural play off of today’s wood grains or solids.



Stevens Industries: Matching Legno high-impact surfaces revealed

Stevens Industries is pleased to announce high-impact surfacing will now be available to match the award-winning Legno Collection.  Legno debuted in 2014 and was tremendously received by designers, architects and consumers. The collection won an ADEX award for design excellence in early 2015. 

Legno is a collection of 18 rich hues, with two woodgrain species, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo. These pieces are embossed in registration, expertly matching texture to grain. The addition of matched high-impact material rounds out a collection that also offers edgebanding, five-piece doors and moldings. Legno high-impact surfacing will be available in 4×8 and 5×12 sizes, in .030 thickness.  Stevens is a leader in the field of embossed in-registration technology, as the first manufacturer in the United States to produce material for furniture application. or 217-857-7100



Interprint: Not your typical ash

Ramshead Ash, a new furniture décor development from Interprint, is a domestic alternative to the oaks and elms that have been popular recently. The layout is random-width planks with straight grain and cut cathedrals, treated to both enhance color play and bring the material in line with complex grays that increase end-use flexibility. This is not your typical ash.



Riken:  3D laminates for residential, commercial

Riken has been providing high quality 3D laminates (thermofoil) for both residential and commercial interior applications such as kitchen cabinet and closet doors, store fixtures, office furniture, and health care environment.

The 3D Laminate Collection offers extensive colors and patterns, including wood grains in high gloss, satin and matte finishes.  DT Finish Collection features excellent physical properties, including durability, scratch and stain resistance.

Riken recently launched SOFT FEEL Collection with five colors in silky touch supermatte finish.



KML:  Go wild with EDGEWOOD

Over the last 20 years, the name KML Designer Finishes has become synonymous with innovative composite panels. The biggest leap forward for KML so far? EDGEWOOD.

A textured laminate that offers the look and feel of real, exotic wood grain at a fraction of the cost and a lower environmental impact, EDGEWOOD allows designers to “go wild” with modern and exotic wood looks while protecting the environment and their clients' bottom line.



Renolit:  Vintage Oak features discreet two-tone

This oak has experienced a lot and makes no secret of it. Sanded areas clearly display the aged wood, which is cracked in places while other sections are dominated by the shiny residues of weathered layers of paint. With Vintage Oak, the structure of the wood gives it a rustic look, whereas the décor has a rather homogeneous appearance. Branch knots and planks blend into the background; a fine white pore ensures a discreet two-tone appearance. The décor and embossing form a harmonious unit that goes well with elegant furniture designs.





SSI North America:  Three new 3D laminates

Cashmere PET HG – The neutral earth-toned high gloss “greige” you’ve been looking for. The subtle color makes it easy to integrate into any décor.

Canterbury Oak – A classic golden oak print with a deep textured embossing.

Metallic Schliff – This sophisticated brown brushed metallic print is something different and sure to please.

These Pentadecor 3D laminate films are three of six new designs launching for SSI North America’s stock program. or 973.598.0152




Arclin:  Dunes Collection features new designs

Arclin’s new Dunes Collection comprises four new designs: Calm Horizon, Ruby Beach, Sand Shoal and Southern Cattails. The designs embody some of the latest trends in color, structure, grain — and opportunity. Ideal for hospitality, health care, commercial, retail and residential environments.



Lumicor: Never again sacrifice design for durability

The Lumicor Wall Protection line combines the beauty of real textiles and botanicals with the performance of our most durable finish to create a functional wall cladding that is both stunning and practical. The Lumicor Wall Protection line comes standard in more than a dozen artfully curated designs in a gauge of .050 (including several Fast Track decors), multiple trim options and a neutral opaque backing.

Each panel features a Class A fire rating, inhibits microbial growth, comprises a minimum of 40 percent recycled and is easy to install. Wall Protection offers timeless design and versatility, making it an ideal application for industries with high-trafficked areas such as health care, hospitality, education and corporate spaces. or 1-888-lumicor




Premier EuroCase: 

Reflekt brings elegance to any type of room

This beautiful bookshelf was created by Premier EuroCase from its Reflekt high-gloss acrylic collection. The mirror-gloss shelving unit uses Reflekt white and is accented with metallic grey on the back wall. Available in 16 color options, including four metallic, Reflekt allows the freedom to incorporate elegant high-gloss surfaces into any type of room.

Reflekt high-gloss acrylic panels are made from the finest quality resources. The panels consist of a premium MDF substrate with a co-extruded polymer high-gloss acrylic top layer. Laminated with polyurethane (PUR) technology inside a Class-100 clean room, Reflekt redefines surface expectations by being as close to perfect as technologically possible.



Schattdecor: Columbia Walnut excellent for cabinets

Columbia Walnut is a narrow-planked furniture decor that shows straight-grain sections and areas of figuring in equal proportion. With fine knotting adding a natural effect, this walnut is an excellent choice for cabinet bodies and interiors.

San Diego Butternut is a typically American timber-wood that is having a resurgence and in a very commercial-friendly way. The ability to color-match this decor in pale and subtly matte hues particularly suits modern furniture trends.





Tafisa: Yet another design innovation

Origen offers an innovative texture and genuine tactile surface for decorative panels. Available in 14 colors including eight beautiful woodgrains and six modern solids, Origen is yet another design innovation developed by Tafisa. This collection is part of the mix and match concept introduced by Tafisa and comes with a complete range of complementary products – HPL, edgebanding, mouldings and thermovinyl. Tafisa decorative panels are manufactured using 100% recycled and recovered wood materials, saving millions of trees every year.



Uniboard: WoodPrint duo technology for realistic wood texture

Uniboard’s WoodPrint Duo Technology is a two-sided synchronized texture technology for thermally fused  laminates (TFL). It leverages Uniboard’s first generation WoodPrint Technology, which aligns the décor paper and the surface texture to replicate real wood characteristics. The result is a naturalistic synchronization, making it the best solution for furniture applications such as kitchen cabinets, closets, store fixtures, residential and commercial furniture and more.

Uniboard is the first and only North American company to offer this revolutionary technology. The panels meet all North American standards and sizes.



Wilsonart: Celebrating roots with a modern touch

The trend that inspires the seven smooth and subdued designs that make up the collection is Heritage, the visual representation of celebrating our roots, with a touch of modern. Heritage is a combination of:

Industrial Chic – This trend is expressed most often through exposed ductwork and pipes, original windows and brick. Metal, concrete, brick and glass are many of the surface choices.

Rustic Glam – This playful juxtaposition of distressed surfaces and glittery details is a layering of elements and influences that are distinctly modern.

What’s Old is New Again – Not only are iconic pieces being reissued in new ways, but many salvaged materials are being reused, allowing for the reintroduction of classic designs in strikingly 21st century interpretations.



HI-MACS: Sparkle Collection offers new dimensions

The HI-MACS Sparkle Collection is the work of gifted designer Karim Rashid. Strong and vibrant tones and a distinctive glittering effect like a distant galaxy are the unique hallmarks of the new colors, which will give designers new dimensions with which to imagine and work.

Some of the Sparkle colors are bold – such as Key Lime and Kandy Pink. More muted hues like Kreemy Grey, Kold Silver and the instantly popular Kanada Violet offer a design juxtaposition that allows designers to mix and contrast colors within a single work, as HI-MACS can be invisibly joined. The material’s outstanding properties and easy fabrication allow the most audacious creations.


EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) marks its 30th anniversary this year and has emerged as the voice of the laminate flooring industry in Europe and beyond. "In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable progress EPLF has made over the years," said Max

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