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Supporting the Next Generation of Industry Leaders in Honor of Retirees

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On Thursday, May 10th, Stiles Machinery hosted a retirement celebration in honor of two of their recent retirees, Jeanie Grant and Dave Walsweer, and their 36 years of combined industry service.

Retirement Celebration 1

As a thank you to these individuals, who’ve each played a significant role in the success of the company, Stiles was pleased to contribute $3,600 to the Manufacturing Industry Learning Labs’ National Training Center (MiLL) in Colorado Springs, CO.

“We wanted to do something that not only honored our retirees, but that also invested in the future employees of the woodworking industry. So, we have decided to donate $100 to the MiLL for every year of industry service our retirees have contributed. We hope that through this contribution, we can support the next generation of woodworking professionals and continue the legacy of Stiles,” said Christian Vollmers, President of Stiles Machinery.

This contribution is a continuation of Stiles’ ongoing support of the MiLL, which is the first national training center of its kind designed to educate and empower the next generation of manufacturing professionals through advanced training courses in woodworking and lean manufacturing. With a growing employment gap of skilled trade workers in the manufacturing industry, Stiles sees this as an opportunity to minimize this gap by filling these vacant positions with a new wave of talented and passionate workers.

In addition to their focus on educating future industry leaders, the MiLL also focuses their efforts on the growth and development of current industry professionals as well as former members of the military who wish to make the transition to the manufacturing industry.

Retirement Celebration 1Jeanie Grant, Christian Vollmers, Dave Walsweer

Stiles’ Retirement Recognition Celebration, which was hosted at Grand Rapids Brewing Company in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan was the company’s second year of honoring their retirees with this unique contribution. Stiles plans to continue this tradition of investing in the lives of future leaders for years to come.


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

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