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Stiles Machinery Hosts Digital Solutions Training for 120 Industry Leaders

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Grand Rapids, MI, June 18, 2018 – Stiles Machinery recently gathered together over 120 industry experts for three days of comprehensive education and training on the latest software and digital solutions impacting the manufacturing industry today. The event took place at Stiles’ regional showroom and at Guilford Technical Community College High Point, NC, and included the introduction of Stiles’ new internal training structure, START.

START stands for Solutions, Trends, Applications and Readiness Training , which are the four key focus areas of this new training structure that is designed to equip industry leaders with the knowledge they need to be informed, solution-focused consultants for their customers. This year’s event, known as “START: DIGITAL”, focused on the latest Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing trends, with an emphasis on software and digital technology for the woodworking industry.

“START: DIGITAL is a reflection of Stiles’ continual commitment to training and educating industry leaders in the latest trends and innovations,” says Doug Maat, Director of Strategic Sales at Stiles. “Throughout the event, we took a closer look at the impact of industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) and how manufacturers of all sizes can better utilize digital tools and data to produce more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly manufacturing

Attendees to START: DIGITAL also heard from Marc Sanderson of INNERGY , a leading ERP solution provider for the woodworking industry, and Elliot Germany, of Panel Specialists Inc. These speakers provided first-hand examples of how the latest digital innovations are shaping their businesses and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

Stiles partnered with RSA Solutions to ensure attendees received a comprehensive overview of the latest software solutions from the leading software provider for the woodworking industry. RSA Solutions’ team of expert software consultants help manufacturers across the country discover the right software applications for their individual needs, resulting in leaner, more profitable operations.

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