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Shopbot Tools

ShopBot Tools specializes in the design and engineering of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tools, with a focus on meeting customer needs through well-reasoned design and engineering.

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They are located in Durham, North Carolina, USA, and not only manufacture CNC tools but also develop their own control system software.

Address: 3333B Industrial Drive, Durham, NC 27704
Phone: 919-680-4800 / Toll-Free: 888-680-4466

Product Offerings:

ShopBot offers a range of CNC routers that are versatile for applications such as prototyping, full production cutting, carving, machining, and milling across a variety of materials, including wood, MDF, plastics, foams, and non-ferrous metals. Their product line includes:

  • CNC Router Products:
    • ShopBot Desktop
    • ShopBot Desktop MAX
    • ShopBot Desktop MAX ATC
    • ShopBot Buddy®
    • ShopBot PRSstandard Full-Size Gantry
    • ShopBot PRSalpha Full-Size Gantry
    • ShopBot PRSalpha ATC
    • ShopBot Zeta
    • ShopBot Stand Alone Indexer
    • ShopBot 5-Axis
    • Custom Tool Configurations


  • The company’s tools are aimed to be affordable while delivering the professional power and precision usually associated with heavier and more expensive CNC equipment.
  • They offer both standard and specialized tools that include compact desktop units and full-size gantry CNC tools, like the PRSalpha, PRSalpha ATC, and ShopBot Zeta, designed for cutting full sheets of plywood and other materials.
  • ShopBot provides a wide range of tool sizes and configurations, ensuring a solution for different needs, accompanied by support services, including technical support and an active online forum for users.