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Schattdecor presents two new products: Proflex 3D und Smartfoil Mat+

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Thansau (08.06.2017) – With Proflex 3D and Smartfoil Mat+, Schattdecor presented two new products at Interzum in Cologne. Smartfoil Mat+ excited fair visitors with its super matte surface and anti-fingerprint effect. Proflex 3D was convincing with the use of safe raw materials and is free from PVC and plasticizers.   

Proflex 3D is a product from the Finish Flex area. The base is a PP-Foil that is printed with conventional rotogravure printing presses and is provided with a thermoplastic wear layer afterwards. As a result, the customer gets a flexible, elastic surface, characterized especially by its durability.

“Proflex 3D represents the introduction of the printing and processing of thermoplastic print materials for the Schattdecor Group. Through the combination of reliable water based inks and metamerism free pigments, that are printed with décor cylinders on our existing rotogravure printing presses, our modern product range of thermoplastic substrates will continue to grow,” explained Roland Heeger, Chief Technical Officer.

In addition to the use of safe raw materials, Proflex 3D contains no PVC, plasticizers, chlorine or solvents. This latest flooring product from Schattdecor is convincing with its natural surface feel and optics. This is achieved by engraving a wooden pore structure into the thermoplastic wear layer. Furthermore, Proflex 3D is odorless, warm to the feet and low-maintenance, making it the perfect solution for customers with ecological awareness. “It was important for us to create a PVC and plasticizer free product. We are very satisfied with the result,” emphasized project manager Tetiana Borozniak.

Proflex 3D is only suitable for allover decors. The material is delivered on a roll, with a production width up to 2.05 meters. “Customers can laminate it to different substrates depending on their needs,” explained Borozniak. Furthermore, the surface is suitable for moisture-prone areas and could be used in bathrooms as well.

The flooring already passed the first practical test at Interzum, where Proflex 3D was used on a large scale in the fair booth. “The customer reaction was great. They were convinced by both the feel and the look of the product. We have already received requests from different countries, including China, Turkey and Brazil,” said Markus Hoehn, Executive Sales Director Printed Surfaces.      

In addition to Proflex 3D, Smartfoil Mat+ is a new product in the area of Finished Surfaces. The foil product has a super matte surface and anti-fingerprint capabilities. That matte effect leads to a velvety, warm feeling. “The trend to super matte surfaces has been confirmed at Interzum. Our Smartfoil Mat+ surface harmonized perfectly with Schattdecor’s new woodgrains like Kitami, Catania Oak or Jackson Hickory. In addition to the woodgrain decors with this surface, the Smartfoil Mat+ unicolor collection received a positive response from customers,” emphasized Klaus Mueller, Executive Sales Director Processed Surfaces.    


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