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Special times require special measures. The HOMAG Treff remains a fixture on our calendar, albeit in a new form. HOMAG has developed a hybrid event format called Live.HOMAG, which allows customers to choose from more than 500. To mark the company’s 60th anniversary, this digital platform will enable customers from trade and industry to experience 60 days of innovative solutions with a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency – in different languages, free of charge and easily accessible via an internet browser. There is also an option to arrange live, face-to-face meetings at HOMAG – to experience our solutions in the fields of service, machine technology, digital assistants, consulting and qualification first-hand.

At the global press conference, HOMAG will present these solutions in more detail and also provide insights and outlooks on current and future business developments.

Business development during and after the coronavirus

It goes without saying that the woodworking industry – and thus also HOMAG in their anniversary year – has felt the impact of the pandemic. Almost all major projects were postponed; the effects of this were, however, largely mitigated thanks to our broad customer base. In addition, the supply of materials remained stable, allowing production to continue normally at most plants. Most positive, however, is the fact that almost our entire workforce has stayed healthy in recent months. In addition, HOMAG is slowly noticing a slight upturn in customer activity in many regions of the world.

Consulting service for increased efficiency

In the area of consulting, one topic is currently at the top of the agenda: transparency. To ensure this, HOMAG has developed various tools, including “Design to Cost” and “100% Production Transparency”. The former allows product costs to be visualised in a way that facilitates target-oriented decision-making and precise pricing, as well as design adjustments to optimise costs. The second solution directly addresses the company’s intralogistics. It allows value flows to be analysed based on the most important key figures, and specific, practical recommendations to be generated – without time-consuming and cost-intensive IT solutions.

Digital assistants make real-world practice easier

The productionAnalyzer generates similar benefits for trade and industry. The app provides a compact overview of all machinery in operation, including real-time machine status, analysis of the most relevant key figures, as well as potential for improvement – all at a glance.

Machine technology: innovations in various areas

Naturally, there are also a number of new developments in the field of machine technology which will be presented via Live.HOMAG. In the field of edge processing, for example, these include a motorised top roll pressure unit, a small parts package with narrow roller pitch, high-quality acrylic edge processing and automatic changing of the adhesive type or colour, as well as adhesive-quantity dosing. A highlight in the CNC segment is high-quality saw-cutting of up to 26 parts per minute and the use of a special corner saw unit. Another unit for special requirements – a universal unit with planetary cassette for surface processing – makes three-dimensional grinding child’s play. An absolute must for carpenters and joiners who want to hit the ground running each morning: The smart stack optimisation feature rearranges the cutting pattern to ensure fewer and better stacks. This adds value by making the “ghost shift” even more efficient.

Service with a clear goal: customer benefit and satisfaction

More than ever before, this value added for customers from trade and industry is at the heart of the service solutions from HOMAG. The market leader also sees itself as a reliable partner beyond the production phase. With new service concepts for customers of different sizes, HOMAG is pooling its new solutions from the fields of OEE and training, as well as its eShop and repair service. For the first time now HOMAG offers customers an attractive overall package with value-added services. Just in time for the HOMAG Treff, HOMAG will offer a 6% discount on spare parts. Further details to follow at the press conference.


Producing Opportunity

Producing Opportunity

Months after opening in the Sierra Nevadas, the Tahoe Forest Products Sawmill is poised to bolster healthy forest management, aid in post-fire restoration, and enhance the local economy.

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