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POLYGRAIN is a product of SIMONA AMERICA Industries and is a polymer sheet characterized by a wood-like grain and texture.

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The material is designed for high-end outdoor living spaces and is robust enough for use in all seasons and climates. It’s available in three colors and is prized for its long-term performance, durability, and the ease with which it can be fabricated.

Address: 101 Power Boulevard, Archbald, PA 18403, USA
Phone: 1-866-501-2992

Areas of Use:

  • Patios and Outdoor Living Areas
  • Outdoor Cabinetry and Storage
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Dry Spaces
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Outdoor Signs
  • Marina Architecture and Storage


  • Easy to fabricate with standard woodworking tools
  • High-end woodgrain appearance
  • UV and extreme weather resistance
  • Integral color hides marring, scratches
  • Solid polymer composition won’t delaminate, rot, or splinter
  • Maintenance-free, easy to clean
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • 100% recyclable

Additional Tools and Services:

SIMONA offers an online tool called SIMONA Vision Factory, a 3D model visualizer, which allows customers to pick and choose from their range of colors and textures such as Polygrain® Blakely Birch and incorporate them into their projects using a downloadable texture library.

Standard Colors:

  • Olyphant Oak
  • Susquehanna Gray
  • Northeastern Walnut
  • Blakely Birch
  • Custom colors and sizes available on request