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Peterman Lumber, Inc. Expands, Improves Made-to-Order Door Program

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Decorative surfacing doors are now more customizable than ever, with Peterman Lumber’s expanded product line now available in five door styles and over 200+ patterns and finishes.

This was made possible by adding two beam saws, two nested base CNC routers, two point-to-point CNC routers, two PUR technology edge banders, and one hot air technology bander for seamless edging. This equipment, along with Peterman’s wide range of Coordinated Materials program, offers perfectly matched panels, laminate and edge banding options—giving customers countless options for their projects.

The made-to-order door program grew out of a necessity for the group: current and incoming VOC regulations starting in California and growing throughout the continental United States left the fabricator with very few options. Growing the made-to-order door program with Peterman’s Coordinated Materials solves the issue of having consistent surface materials without having to add hand-applied finish to wood materials.

Decorative Surfacing offers a wide variety of options that range from modern, sleek and contemporary to transitional, traditional or even rustic. Typical Decorative Surfacing doors have only been offered in slab style doors leaving the design element very basic and limited. Peterman has added even more specialized equipment to offer five-piece shaker doors with matching inserts or even glass inserts.

“The next hurdle we identified was being able to offer shaker doors with glass insert options. The design trends are ever changing and our higher-end residential designers are always pushing the boundaries of beauty, sophistication and elegance” said Jeremy Peterman the regional sales manager for Peterman Lumber, Inc.

Peterman Lumber, Inc. offers custom made to order cabinet doors available in one-piece Slab, three-piece Sienna, five-piece Shaker along with five-piece Glass Insert doors or prep for glass door styles. The group has a wide range of options available from brands like: Salt International, Merino, StyleLite, Nevamar and Stevenswood. These reputable brands are available in trending finishes such as: high gloss, super matte, textured woodgrains and metallics.

Peterman Lumber, Inc. also has custom capabilities for lamination of veneers and high pressure laminates, as well as custom milling for any of their stocked hardwood inventory.

For more information about this or other products and available services from Peterman Lumber, Inc. please visit or stop by booth #4230 during the 2023 AWFS show.



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