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New Resi-Boost Resin™ from Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Offers Significant Operations Savings

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Atlanta, GA. (October 20, 2016) — Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC introduces a new resin that can reduce costs for structural plywood and laminated veneer lumber operations in a variety of ways. Resi-Boost™ resin reduces over-penetration of the adhesive, leaving more resin solids on the surface.  It has been proven to decrease glue spreads and lower glue usage by as much as 3-10%. Bond quality has also shown improvement with fewer spotty bonds observed.  Importantly, Resi-Boost™ resin has been shown to also decrease press times as much as 10-20% in mid to heavy constructions without sacrificing bond quality and without increasing temperatures. 

“The patented technology of Resi-Boost™ resin can make a real difference in quality, costs and throughput,” said Doug Mason, Product Manager for Georgia-Pacific Chemicals Wood Adhesives. “This product isn’t a tweak; it can be a game-changer for improvement in operational bottom-lines.”

Other benefits of this proprietary technology include improving panel thickness as well as bonding of juvenile wood and around knots.  Improvements in downfall have been seen by as much as 1% when using Resi-Boost™.

All of these benefits can result in energy and adhesive resin cost savings as well as increased throughput and improved quality.


CPA Elects New 2024 Officers and Executive Committee Members

CPA Elects New 2024 Officers and Executive Committee Members

The CPA Board has elected the following at-large Executive Committee members and Officer positions effective immediately. Newly elected Executive Committee members are Steve Carroll, COO of Swiss Krono, Larry Broadfoot, COO of Collins Products, and Ray Chaaraoui, Sales Director of Kronospan. The 2024 Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer positions were

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