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Elias Woodwork is excited to announce the official launch of our new Access Now online ordering system. This unique online ordering portal will allow our customers to log in anytime from anywhere and access customized quotes, place orders, view invoices and track shipments. Access Now offers customers a live portal into their Elias Woodwork account with insider access to products and services saving them a significant amount of time by cutting out the middle man. You no longer have to wait for a quote and can access pricing any time. This will expedite your ability to submit quotes to your customers at a moment’s notice and ahead of the competition.  

Access now guides you through the process of choosing your product line and configuring your products. You are able to see your cost when you configure your items and will update live when making changes. If you have a large door order, you are able to import your door sizes from a CSV file or make multiple door entries quickly and effortlessly using Access Now features. If you have a favorite door style or product configuration that you know you will want to order again in the future, you can save your configuration to your favorites and add it to your quote in the future for even faster results. At any time you can access and download your quotes with your most recent ones showing up first in your portal. However, you can filter them by column or combinations of columns simply by adding a filter value like date, total, customer reference or PO number. When you are ready to place your order, you can submit your quote and manage your payments at any time without having to wait for business hours. After which, you can track your shipments and access your invoices whenever you need to. You can also filter your shipments or invoices similarly to your quotes, making it easier and faster to find what you are looking for.

Access Now allows you to manage your entire account online anytime, from anywhere! Combined with Elias Woodwork’s competitive pricing and vast product selection, this tool will provide industry professionals with a significant competitive advantage in their marketplace. Call a Customer Service Specialist to get your account set up and take advantage of instant quoting and ordering today!



NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon Unveils 2024 CEUs and Workshops

NeoCon announces an impressive lineup of CEUs and workshops for this year's event, with more than 50 programs featuring speakers from leading associations, universities, architecture and design firms, and top media outlets, as well as experts in workplace, sustainability, and emerging technology.