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Beautiful Meets Functional


New Hardware Makes Life Easier While Looking Good


Awareness of customer needs, and innovation to meet those needs. That’s what’s happening in the hardware world, and it’s an understatement to say the top suppliers are excited about their new offerings, many of which were introduced at Interzum 2015. From colorful aluminum boxes to better performing runners to improved soft-close systems, the new offerings are making life easier and homes more beautiful for customers around the world. Here’s a sampling of the finest new hardware on the market.



Häfele America Co., a leader in cutting-edge hardware solutions, has introduced four new decorative hardware collections designed with elements that align with the most influential looks of the year. The new offerings, Beaulieu, Vogue, Moda and Cascade, are united by a minimalist appearance with clean, sleek lines.

“These new collections are in step with the consumer interest in clean, slim designs,” explains Greg Sheets, product manager for decorative hardware at Häfele. “With these new offerings, woodworkers and designers can provide cabinet hardware to meet the desires of their customers from the increasingly popular transitional style seen in the Beaulieu collection (pictured on left) to more contemporary looks with Vogue, Moda and Cascade.”

The Beaulieu collection is considered a transitional style and is available in a range of sizes for almost limitless applications. Graceful curves and a smooth comfortable grip are stand-out features. For modern European styling, the Vogue line is available in a range of lengths for various applications. Another new option is Moda, which features a contemporary Italian design with great attention to style, quality and feel. The square mortise pulls with dome-shaped grips are a unique and functional feature in this collection. A final collection in the new portfolio is Cascade, a high-quality European line that keeps cabinets looking clean and sleek. All styles are available in oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and polished nickel.



Salice introduces Lineabox, an innovative aluminum box completely compatible with undermount slides. It is offered in five trendy colors; white, black, titanium, champagne and stainless steel. Lineabox attaches to the front of the drawer with a clip assembly for quick release and no need for any mounting templates. And it is fully adjustable, thanks to Salice’s patented six-way adjustable tool-less clip.

Also new from Salice is Stabila – a synchronizing system to stabilize wide drawers compatible with most undermount slides. It can be retrofitted to existing drawers and is especially indicated for push-to-open drawers to balance the opening in all positions.

Shelf is a new low-profile runner for pull-out shelves. It is easily fixed at the bottom of the cabinet or on a fixed surface and has several applications: display cabinets for pull-out of display shelves, living room furniture, kitchen cabinets, pull-out shelves with small domestic appliances, and pull-out drawers for stationery or equipment in office furniture.

In case of wide shelves, runners can be added to increase the weight capacity and, at the same time, allow for more stability. Shelf is available in all standard lengths, either with Push technology or with Smove decelerated closing.



Experience the elegance of Blum’s new LEGRABOX premium metal drawer system. This new box system boasts a sleek and clear-cut design and has already won several international design awards. It also comes with the matching AMBIA-LINE interior organization system.

Straight lines create a sleek and elegant design that clearly defines LEGRABOX, the new attractive full extension box system from Blum. The interior can be organized with AMBIA-LINE, an interior organization system that has been specifically developed to complement the design of the premium metal drawer system.

LEGRABOX offers an impressively slim drawer profile thickness of only one half inch (12.8 mm), which is straight on the inside and the outside to maximize the usable interior space of the drawer. LEGRABOX is available in two luxurious finishes: a new brushed stainless steel, or a gray matte finish, both of which give LEGRABOX a distinct look and feel.

The LEGRABOX program consists of three drawer side heights for standard drawers and two drawer side heights for interior roll-outs. The versatile LEGRABOX program allows for a wide range of design options for any kitchen, bath or furniture application. LEGRABOX combines design and function for well-balanced solutions creating elegance in motion.

LEGRABOX features a new, innovative runner system utilizing a new motion technology for greater running action and performance even under heavy loads. This enhanced runner system combines low opening forces with the proven soft-close BLUMOTION to create an experience to behold. To coordinate with LEGRABOX, Blum also offers AMBIA-LINE, a new drawer organization system, specifically designed to match the LEGRABOX design.



Grass offers futuristic functional solutions with maximum individuality.

The Grass stand at Interzum 2015 was focused on our new products – Nova Pro Scala drawer system and Tavinea 91 organizational system – and the response from our visitors was overwhelming.

Nova Pro Scala incorporates the best of Nova Pro.

The demands faced by the modern furniture and cabinet making sector are constantly evolving and changing. The tremendous response received to the new Nova Pro Scala drawer system at the Interzum shows how well Grass has recognized these demands. Not only trade visitors but also the Interzum award committee were enthusiastic about the Nova Pro Scala and gave the product the award for its high product quality.

Exceptional product solutions are the result of a continuous capacity to innovate and awareness for the needs of our customers.

At the same time, it is wise to keep to the successful path when taking products forward that have established themselves as visionary innovations. When – as in the case of Nova Pro – the concept has shown itself to be the right one for more than a decade, it is essential for any changes to be well thought through.

Grass made sure the proven technology of the Nova Pro would carry through with its predecessor: Nova Pro Scala. Nova Pro Scala distinguishes itself from the Nova Pro not only in form but also in many technical improvements. Nova Pro Scala drawers will close with a new and improved soft-close action; all visible plastic components will be coved with steel; four heights will be offered in a range of lengths and a new railing system. The defining feature of the Nova Pro Scala is its versatility to change the look of your drawer. Offered in three colors, the Nova Pro Scala has the ability to add on glass sides for a light open look or add on design panels that are magnetically attached for a truly innovative and customized look, making the Nova Pro Scala the most variable drawer system ever.

The Tavinea 91 organization system is an interior accessory that has been cleverly thought through. Structural elements in aluminum and wood enable the user to create a wide variety of storage options with a few standard elements. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal arrangements are possible, and the design elements turn every drawer into a small, individual work of art.




There are corners in kitchens across the globe waiting to be discovered. Because while many kitchens are designed to incorporate corners, existing space is frequently not exploited, or it is neglected or even forgotten. Vauth-Sagel thinks differently. With Cornerstone corner cabinet solutions, the owner-run family company opens up a new perspective and places the corner center stage. Storage space is efficiently used and the entire contents comfortably and clearly extended from the cabinet.

Corners make a difference: Some have decided the outcome of football World Cups. The striking Flatiron Building in New York is one of the most famous corner buildings in the world. And then there are those corners just waiting to be discovered. In kitchens, for example. Most kitchens run across at least one corner, with two runs meeting each other. Underneath is an attractive space of around 60 by 60 centimeters, which is frequently left unused – or used with less comfortable, simple shelf solutions offering users only insufficient access to stored items. For this reason, the corner cabinet offers huge potential for effectively exploiting storage space, particularly in smaller spaces.

With the Cornerstone, Vauth-Sagel has taken this space from out of the shadows. The innovative solutions allow the corner cabinet to glide out of corners – moving previously difficult-to-reach items into the view of the beholder.

Cornerstone is a swiveling system component for corner cabinets that automatically extends the entire contents out of the cabinet upon opening the door. Here, the travel path is controlled and is confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcass. This offers the advantage that access to neighboring cabinets or the dishwasher, for example, is not impeded. The opening angle of just 85 degrees has been optimized in a way that the corner cabinet does not impact with other front panels, handles or walls. With a flick of the wrist, the user can access small items just as easily as larger kitchen utensils. And closing the cabinets is also possible with a small movement of the door as the shelf elements retreat virtually silently back into the corner cabinet.

With two targeted design variants, Vauth-Sagel launched its new product family of corner cabinet solutions at Interzum 2015: the Cornerstone and Cornerstone Maxx.

The Cornerstone is an all-rounder, equipped with symmetrical shelves and the corresponding mechanism, which measures just 75 millimeters in height, among other things. It is this that actually enables flexible utilization, regardless of whether the corner cabinet is installed on the right or left. It also considerably simplifies storage.

The Cornerstone Maxx offers maximum comfort, modern design and innovative features. With their asymmetrical shape, the two shelf surfaces offer even more storage space, are heavy-load compatible, are height-adjustable and swivel out of the carcass to an extreme extent. Once again, the travel is controlled, although the shelves extend themselves and, when required, silently and autonomously retract back into the cabinet. The Cornerstone Maxx offers superlative travel comfort.



The concept of ingenious products and solutions refers to the development of innovative products and systems providing improved convenience and comfort in limited spaces. The Smart Living concept revolutionizes how we increase the functionality of our living spaces without sacrificing elegant design. Richelieu’s range of innovative products can transform furniture into multifunctional pieces, maximize small spaces and optimize storage and organization.

Designed for small spaces, the pull-out drawer tables offer modular flexibility and are an ideal solution to extend surface areas to create additional workspace when needed. In other rooms, such as the living areas, table-lift mechanisms transform a traditional coffee table into a small dining table with room for storage underneath.

Pull-out peninsula\tables offer flexibility but take functionality of a traditional kitchen island to a whole new level by transforming the area into seating areas or additional work surfaces. In open concept homes, peninsula tables create a gathering place that helps connect space between the living area and the kitchen.

The Smart Living group of products also features kitchen accessory and storage solutions that incite emotion by creating movement: the products pull out, pull down, slide and swivel into cabinets, drawers and undersink spaces to keep your items organized and to utilize the maximum storage space. Sliding doors are also a great functional space saver available in different opening styles with aesthetically pleasing visible hardware for wood and glass doors. They are designed to optimize or separate space, or resize any larger room in your home.



SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America, a key player in decorative surface technology as part of the global SURTECO GROUP SE, today announced significant leadership changes aimed at bolstering its position in North America. Each promotion signals a strategic move toward a unified leadership structure across the company's product lines of