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Mirlux Premium Panel

MIRLUX Premium Panel stands at the pinnacle of innovation, embodying the latest strides in PET surface panels technology.

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Designed with an emphasis on sustainability without compromising on durability, these panels are the preferred choice for elite building projects spanning North America and Canada.

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A deep dive into their composition reveals panels crafted from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). This is meticulously laminated onto a super-smooth, low surface variance TSca Title VI Certified medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Taking innovation a step further, the surface of the PET is enriched with a co-extruded polyester film. This is then roll laminated with a PUR hot-melt adhesive, culminating in a structure that boasts impressive water resistance.

MIRLUX's reputation is further bolstered by the exceptional features of its Premium Panels. These panels are acclaimed for their superior thermal and dimensional stability, unparalleled strength, impeccable optical clarity, and precise surface characteristics. A comparison with traditional materials reveals that MIRLUX is not only lighter but also more cost-effective than both glass and solid acrylic. Moreover, its design ensures ease of cleaning, offering a hygienic surface.

Adding an aesthetic dimension, MIRLUX panels are presented with a sleek, modern finish and are available in a spectrum of eight captivating shades. Their enduring allure is complemented by a range of functional attributes - they are sustainable, demand low maintenance, and exhibit unmatched durability. Catering to a wide array of vertical finish requirements, MIRLUX seamlessly integrates into various spaces, be it kitchen and bath cabinetry, intricate casework, sophisticated furniture, avant-garde wall panels, retail fixtures, or immersive point-of-sale displays.