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The QUICK-SET is a simple and efficient 2-part Locking Dowel connector including a threaded stud and a plastic sleeve. The QUICK-SET comes in ∅ 5 mm x 7.5 mm, ∅ 5 mm x 11 mm, ∅ 8 mm x 8 mm, and ∅ 8 mm x 26 mm. The plastic sleeve remains ∅ 8 mm for all versions and can be processed on flat surfaces with a material thickness of 5/8 (16 mm) or more. With 4 sizes available you will be sure to find the perfect diameter and length you need for your application.

Like the KNAPP-Dowel, the QUICK-SET is self-tightening, non-visible, and can be inserted immediately into standard boreholes without waiting for glue to dry. Cabinets and case goods can be put together on-site quickly and easily, thus high transport costs are omitted. The processing of the two-piece connector is the same as with a conventional dowel – but in a much shorter time. In addition to its main area of application as a modern case goods connector, the QUICK-SET can also be used for drawers. Used as a gluing aid in staircase construction, the QUICK-SET can considerably facilitate the installation of massive wooden steps on wooden substructures.

For users of Cabinet Vision, Knapp's QUICK-SET is now available in this software. Knapp has all the resources and tech support necessary to get you started.

You can learn more about the 2-part locking dowel and its Cabinet Vision package here:


EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

EPLF Shapes the Future of Laminate Flooring

The European Producers of Laminate Flooring Association (EPLF) marks its 30th anniversary this year and has emerged as the voice of the laminate flooring industry in Europe and beyond. "In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable progress EPLF has made over the years," said Max

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