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Excellent for kitchens, baths, closets, entertainment centers and more. KCD Software’s One Button CNC Commander takes beautifully rendered custom designs and turns them into machine-ready code for your CNC equipment. The KCD v10 CNC Manager has an intuitive interface with more options to maximize a shop’s material yield. The more information you input the better the optimization of your nested parts. Run multiple jobs together, along with individual parts and replacement parts.  Control which pieces rotate and which ones do not. Select the quantity for each piece.  Combine jobs with KCD’s CNC Manager and create a more efficient nest.


Innovative Agile Shop™ technology is at the core of KCD’s design, price, construction detail, and CNC manufacturing software for custom cabinet and closet makers.  Also, enjoy free live technical support, with no annual maintenance fees.




EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER Group Commits to Net Zero 2025

EGGER set a goal to contribute towards the protection and preservation of the future, committing to Net Zero by 2050 and reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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