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Six Selected Décors for Current Home Trends

Interprint is presenting its new décor collection: the Six Pack 2018. The company sees special, international market potential in the six selected surfaces for furniture design and interior design. The look of the six on-focus décors covers a wide range of materials: wood, concrete, stone and steel. 

DELIOS. An old larch from the Alpine region. Smoked, rough, cracked and planked. The white oil treatment creates a unique colour effect. Natural and handcrafted influences give it recognition value.

ARTISAN OAK. Material: Timber framing wood. The goal of the technical reworking was to obtain the character of old wood. A warm and authentic contrast to the cool, industrial look.

HANSEN. A blond wood in the Nordic style. A typical Scandinavian feature is that the material has been reduced to the essentials. Cut flowers and variable striped parts support the simple look.

GARBO. The walnut interpretation of a fruitwood. Soft core and sapwood elements give the decor its elegant look. Timeless and universal: harmonises with styles ranging from modern Nordic to traditional Italian.

AURORA. Following the metal trend: A cold-rolled steel plate with traces of the grinding process. Metallic effects with a cool look reminiscent of the northern lights. Smart materiality, also available in a brass look.

GRID. A material mix with the look of concrete and stone. The geometry of the grid reveals floral details up close. A flexible design in both function and style: can be cut any way and used anywhere. At home in urban spaces.

Four Zeitgeist Trends

No décor development without trend analysis. The Interprint design team sees four trends for 2018:

up/cycling – The second life.

Natural resources are more valuable than ever. Sustainability matters. It’s great when materials experience a second or even a third life cycle. When a backpack is made from recycled paper – or a kitchen front from old PET bottles. Up/cycling means appreciation: not only for people and the environment, but also for diversity and creativity.

co-everything – The strong WE.

The trend is still going strong: co-everything – living and working in creative cooperation. Co-working, co-creation, co-living are the buzzwords of a world in which ‘together’ creates more value than ‘alone’. A free exchange of skills and knowledge.

non_conform – Imperfect by design.

Imperfection rather than perfection. With everything being digitised, we want things left imperfect. Even industrially made furniture and accessories appear ‘made by myself’ and show individual traces of use. Interior design and furnishings remain imperfect on purpose. 

smart_material – The new materiality.

The fascination of the surface. Whether fashion, industry or living – smart materials are shaping our lives. Specific features like changing colours, intensive feels or special effects create a unique look. New materials are emerging from new technologies.

“With the Six Pack 2018, Interprint has launched a new collection that is incredibly flexible,” summarised Salvatore Figliuzzi, Director of Marketing & Design at Interprint. “It shows authenticity and naturalness just as much as the smart materiality of the future. We are pleased that the collection allows us to present six design statements for current home trends to our customers and partners.”


CPA Elects New 2024 Officers and Executive Committee Members

CPA Elects New 2024 Officers and Executive Committee Members

The CPA Board has elected the following at-large Executive Committee members and Officer positions effective immediately. Newly elected Executive Committee members are Steve Carroll, COO of Swiss Krono, Larry Broadfoot, COO of Collins Products, and Ray Chaaraoui, Sales Director of Kronospan. The 2024 Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer positions were

Members Public