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New Design Appeals to Companies Looking to Incorporate Healthy Movement and Style into their Workspace

(June 12, 2017 – Chicago, IL) As companies are choosing to invest in active workstations over standard, sedentary designs, the need for a sit/stand workstation that integrates even more seamlessly into workspaces became apparent to Humanscale. With the belief that simple, functional design is both timeless and beautiful, Humanscale delivers another exceptional solution with its newest sit/stand offering, QuickStand Under Desk.

Tasked with this challenge, the Humanscale Design Studio reimagined the original QuickStand by repositioning its patented counterbalance mechanism from above to beneath the desk surface. Designed to create a smooth, seamless transition between sitting and standing, QuickStand Under Desk’s counterbalance mechanism is enclosed within the framework of a central column. When at a seated height, the keyboard tray lies flat against the desk surface and the central column remains hidden beneath the desk for unobstructed views. With its minimal footprint and built-in cable management, QuickStand Under Desk allows for a clean, clutter-free work surface at any height.

Like its counterparts in the QuickStand family, QuickStand Under Desk offers effortless functionality and encourages more movement throughout the day. QuickStand Under Desk is designed to accommodate a variety of heights and can support single or dual monitors up to 35lbs in weight. It is compatible with Humanscale’s innovative sit/stand software, OfficeIQ, and the company’s best-selling line of monitor arms. Consistent with Humanscale’s mission to create a net positive impact on the earth, QuickStand Under Desk is built sustainably, with minimal parts and Red List-free materials.

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SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America Announces Strategic Executive Promotions

SURTECO North America, a key player in decorative surface technology as part of the global SURTECO GROUP SE, today announced significant leadership changes aimed at bolstering its position in North America. Each promotion signals a strategic move toward a unified leadership structure across the company's product lines of